Balance Food Intake

There are many different types of diets for weight loss out there. The low-carb diet, the low-fat diet, the high-protein diet, etc. In reality, the body needs a variety of nutrients from all the different food groups to perform its functions properly and efficiently. The key to weight loss is not cutting down on one food group or another, it is choosing a variety of food from all food groups but in moderation.

There are four major food groups:

1) Grain products
2) Vegetables & fruit
3) Milk products
4) Meat & alternatives

The body requires nutrients from all the different food groups to function properly. Eat a variety of foods from the four major food groups to get all the nutrients , minerals and vitamins required by the body. It is also easier to control weight if you are getting enough nutrients for the body to perform all its functions efficiently.

Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than used whether the calorie is from carbohydrate, protein or fat. Carbohydrate and protein can both be converted into fat directly or indirectly if more is consumed than expended.

Every meal, include a variety of vegetables, whole grains and proteins. The key is moderation in weight loss. It is a great opportunity to meet your quota of the daily recommended amount of fruits and vegetables when you choose your snacks. Choose baby carrots, apples, or bananas as between meal snacks to increase your fruit and vegetable intake.

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