Anybody could get ill anytime, and the expenses incurred for treating a disease could make a hole in your pocket, so it is good to have an insurance critical illness plan. In this insurance plan you pay a sum of money as premium, quarterly or yearly, and if you are diagnosed with a specific illness, which is mentioned in the policy, then you will be paid a lump sum amount, that you can use in any way.
In life insurance your beneficiary will be paid upon your death, but critical illness is different, you will be paid if you are diagnosed with a illness which is mentioned in the critical insurance policy.

Critical illness insurance plan can be regarded as a financial plan as well as health insurance. More and more people are falling ill due to various diseases and if you do not have critical illness insurance plan then all your savings could be wiped out. The amount spent for treatment and recovery time could be months and without such a plan it would be very difficult for a person to go for the treatment at the right time.

If you go for a critical illness insurance plan then you can save your money and be risk free. Normally, critical illness insurance plans cover heart attack, stroke, kidney failure, cancer and heart bypass surgery, but you should check that with the insurance company as plans vary between companies. To plan for the future is necessary and to plan for your health is even more necessary, so it is better to buy a plan that could help you with your health. You can contact an insurance advisor or check about critical illness insurance plans on the Internet and apply online for free quotes.

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