Weight Loss Plateaus

The rate of weight loss decreases over time. There are typically two plateaus in your weight loss journey. The first plateau usually occurs one or two weeks into your weight loss program. This is because initially, when you started dieting, you lose mostly water in the body. Carbohydrate is store in the body with water and as you use up your energy store, you lose water. After losing the extra water and when you started losing fat, the rate of weight loss is much slower as compared to losing water.

The second plateau is about months into your weight loss program. During this time, your body has modified its metabolism and you require fewer calories everyday to perform your daily activities. As your body re-adjusts its metabolism and calorie need, to keep losing weight, you will have to cut back on more calories or turn up the intensity of your physical activities. Try doing intervals or cross training. If you are already on a low calorie diet (1,200 calories per day), it is better to increase the duration and intensity of your workout as oppose to cutting calories. Cutting down calories will just slows down your metabolism even more and you may not have enough energy to perform your daily activities.

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