10 Facts About The Penis That Will Blow Your Mind

Heirloom, Gladiator or Pikachu are all nicknames that give men their genital. We grouped for you 10 strange truths about the penis. Discover them!
1 - A generous nature, or not!
Do you know that over 5 to 6 million men, one born with two penises? Yes, two! This is due to a congenital defect, and it is rare that the two bodies are fully operational. This is followed by removal of the second genital, and any defects are corrected (bladder, rectum) that may accompany it.
On the other hand, 1 man in 30 million born without a penis, which often forces parents to make a sex reassignment surgery shortly after birth.
2 - Becoming a man does not go without ceremony!
A native aboriginal tribe of the northeast of Australia, Unambal tribe indulges in a strange ritual to mark the passage of his boys into adulthood. They perform an incision in the penis lengthwise by flattening it against a stone. According to their beliefs, this operation will make it more beautiful, lighter and more powerful!

3 - The price of greatest asset
We all know that genital size is a source of pride or complex for men. The largest penis in the world prize is owned by American Jonah Falcon with - your attention please - 24.13 cm and 34.29 cm at rest erect! But as everything has a downside, Jonah Falcon was arrested at San Francisco airport, because regarded as carrying a suspicious object! This is understandable, a body of this size, we do not see every day.
4 - It is not a guinea pig
In wanting to boost your sexual pleasure and reach the seventh heaven, an American had the idea (stupid, let's face it) to inject cocaine in his penis. But instead of soaring above the clouds, it has unfortunately ended up in hospital with blood clots and gangrene. Result: he lost his penis, his two legs and fingers 9.
Moral: sex and drugs do not mix.
5 - The sperm race
Ejaculation, which is to eject the sperm is normally done at an average speed of 45 km / h. And the record for the longest distance traveled by the sperm is of 5.48 meters.
Besides these Olympic feats, semen contains 3 powerful antidepressants that help fight against depression and improve mood.
6 - The syndrome of Koro
Men who suffer from this syndrome have a constant fear that their penis shrinks and disappears. This syndrome can achieve a single individual as it can occur in epidemic manner. Moreover, in 1967, a crowd of 469 people was rush in Singapore hospitals for treatment of this disease.
7 - Attention fragile
Seeing a proudly erect penis, many believe it is invincible! While if it is twisted violently, especially during a sexual act when the woman takes over, it can easily break. And it is very painful! So more vigilance, please, ladies!
8 - Lack of activity is harmful
Prolonged sexual inactivity can lead to a reduction in penis size. Indeed, this is due to lack of oxygen and blood flow causing a buildup of tissue, which prevents the penis to stand up completely.
9 - A penis size, and you are not a child!
A 13 year old was charged under the laws applied to adults, because of the size of his penis. Indeed, the medical examination proved that the size of his genital is more consistent with that of an adult, and unfortunately for him, it is this view that has been taken into account despite the other age documents.
10 - A fairly severe punishment
In 1993, John and Lorena Bobbitt make the headlines. The men, preferring to masturbate than giving pleasure to his partner, is deprived of his family heirloom as he slept. His wife had indeed thought of an original punishment: she slice his penis and fled with the end of it which she will dispose along the way. The latter will be found and reattached to his owner, who will take revenge by becoming a porn actor ...!

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