10 Things To Give Up To Be Happy

Everyone is looking for happiness. Why some could not be happy? That's a lot of things or habits hinder ... Here are 10 things to eliminate from your life if you want to be happy.
1. Try to please everybody
Pay attention to the needs of others, that's fine, but if you spend your time trying to always please others, be sure that you are just about to break your happiness. We need to say 'NO', and we must not be ashamed to disagree with someone. So stop constantly trying to please others, and you will be amazed at the feeling of happiness you will experience!
2. Compare to others
Have you ever felt so well ... and just after, meeting someone who has things you crave, you start forgetting that feeling of happiness you felt in the beginning? Never compare yourself to others, each person is different and nobody is perfect. Be yourself ! If you want to be happy, be happy with what you have and what you do.
3. Daily dependencies
There are not just drugs and alcohol that lead to dependence. Many bad habits can ruin your happiness. Are you a workaholic? Addicted to your Smartphone? TV ? To a person ? You may think that these things bring you happiness, but it is time to assess whether,or not . As they prevent you from living your life.
4. Toxic relationships
Toxic people you know are also toxic to your happiness. Pay attention to what you feel when you are next to some people. If you become tired and anxious in their presence, it is essential to review your relationship or stop it.
5. Excuses
Make excuses or blame is a waste of time and reveals a little responsible personality. Worse, it will take you to be unhappy. Everyone can make mistakes. Indeed, bad decisions simply allow us to do things better next time.
6. Leave for tomorrow what can be done today
The tendency to leave work for the next day (or procrastination), will make you always in a hurry, preventing you from feeling the joy of living. Face it! And if the task seems difficult, divide it into little parts. You need to find a disciplined way easy to be applied so as to get more organized.
7. Living with chronic stress
Stress is part of life, but if you experience constant stress, it will be difficult to find happiness! Chronic stress is one of the biggest obstacles to happiness and can even lead to health problems. Take time to see your life in hindsight and see what can be eliminated or simplified.
8. Be spiteful
Forgiving should not for the seek of others, but it should be foryourself. Forgivness will free you and let you move on to other more important things. This painful moment will remain a life lesson to teach you, how to better manage situations in the future.
9. The need to control everything
Some people need to master and control everything that happens in their lives. Relax! Sometimes you have to let things go. There is no need to spend your time trying to have control over everything that happens. This attitude will make you just anxious, frustrated and miserable.
10. Constant self-critical
Nobody is good at everything he does. Each of us has his own mistakes. However, this will help you to evolve! If you want to find your happiness, stop being hard on yourself and self-criticizing constantly!

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