Improve your Sensuality in Bed

If one was to crown the most orgasmic sex position, the girl should be over you body . You can have a different opinion but one thing is certain: this posture makes you take control of your orgasm. And if we told you there was a way, or even 10, intensify your enjoyment in this position? Just try these simple tips to go from routine to new unexplored heights.
1 - Play with your breasts
In case you did not know before, breasts and nipples were two erogenous zones more sensitive body. Massage, pressure, do everything that can make you happy!
2. The technique of the squat
Straddle your partner in a squatting position as to give you more power and better control the thrust angle, depth and strength.
3. Bring reinforcements
Your vibrator is a safe choice, but you can do much better. Try to find a sex toy compatible with couples (like a vibrating ring) so that you stimulate both. This is Jessica O'Reilly's advice, author of The New Bible Sex.
4. Tighten the legs
When you approach your knees, this greenhouse your pelvic muscles and allows a higher friction between the penis and your clitoris.
5. Adjust the pace
the intercourse act should not be a race (unless you want to finish quickly), so vary your speed between fast and slow, change the depth of shallow to deep to allow different types of stimulation. "You can also move your hips in a circular motion instead of a direction up and down," Jessica O'Reilly precise.
6. Be naughty
"The power is sexy. And in that position, you have total control. If you are interested in a little fantasy, try to bind her wrists and bandage her eyes to ignore what you do, "says O'Reilly. You will feel in control and he will find it very erotic surprise factor.
7. Give yourself a hand
Here is an old but good tip with one hand caressing your breasts, use the other hand to stimulate your clitoris. Something tells us that your partner will not have his mind elsewhere for a while, as he arrives to take this view.
8. Eye To Eye
One of the best ways to have an amazing sex is to create a chemistry between you and your partner. So to boost your intimacy, look into his eyes. Research suggests that such contact satisfies both the emotional and physical pleasure.
9. Lie on his chest
Consider this as a slight variation of this beloved position: not only can you literally feel closer, but rubbing your breasts on his chest only increases the pleasure for both of you. In addition, the angle of your vagina will stimulate your clitoris very pleasant way.
10. From the bed to the floor
We like the good old bed, but this position can be practiced in incongruous places to spice things up. Start with a soft carpet on the floor in the living room, this will provide a minimum of comfort to your improvised antics, before exploring more original places ...

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