There is no great source of pleasure and joy than  Making love ! This activity is also very good for health and can prevent from many disease. Discover 12 reasons why you have to make love every day with your partner.
1 - To relieve stress
Lovemaking can improve your mood and make you more zen. Indeed, during intercour, the body produces dopamine and endorphins - hormones that combat stress - in addition of oxytocin is known as the hormone of love. A study by psychologist Stuart Brody, a psychologist at the University of Paisley in Scotland, has proved this theory. For 5 days, the scientist studied the cases of 22 men and 24 women who were exposed to various stressful situations, while studying the frequency of their making love activity. He concluded that people who had intercourse with penetration were less stressed than others.
2 - To Burn Calories
Making love is also a physical activity! On average, a person burns up to 200 calories. Besides, make love three times a week for 15 minutes in a year is the equivalent of running 120 km.
3 - Strengthen the immune system
Love making is good for the immune system and this is scientifically proven! The researcher Manfred Schedlovski discovered that, during intercourse, the number of T cells increases. These are white blood cells which destroy cells infected with different viruses.
4 - Look Younger
According to Dr David Weeks, a psychologist at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, having love making regularly makes men and women 5 to 7 years old more younger. Indeed, the scientist explains that , the body releases a hormone that enhances growth and providing more elasticity to the skin.
5 - Strengthening the heart
If you think that love making is bad for the heart, think again! A study at Bristol University in 1997 indicated that the risk of cardiovascular death is halved for people who have an active love making activity.
6 - Pain Relief
A German study done at the University of Münster and published in the journal Cephalalgia showed that in most cases, making love during a migraine could relieve its condition and severity. During intercourse mainly in the orgasm stage, the body produces hormones named endorphins . These compounds are known for their ability to provide joyful mood, but also for their painkillers properties.
7 - Reduce the risk of prostate cancer
An Australian study found that men who ejaculated 21 times a month were less likely to develop prostate cancer. The researchers followed the cases of 32,000 men for 18 years and found that, in men whose ages ranged from 20 to 29 years and between 40 to 49 years, men with an average of 21 times ejaculations a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 20%.
8 - Enhance Good Sleep Conditions
Love making enhances relaxation and sleep! A study at Yale Medical School, said that, during intercourse, the cortisol level decreases; This relaxes the body and enhances sleep.
9 - Regulate the Menstrual Cycle
Besides reducing stress, love making also helps regulate the menstrual cycle. A study in Pennsylvania, Athena Institue for Women's Wellness, said that women who are regularly exposed to pheromones males ( a chemical substance similar to hormones) have higher levels of estrogen and therefore a regular cycle.
10 - Preventing Erectile Dysfunctions
From the age of 40, more men begin to suffer from erectile dysfunction. This phenomenon is the result of poor circulation and hardening of the artery walls. Therefore, the blood has trouble flowing properly in the penis, erection is impaired. Many experts recommend a regular intercourse activity to avoid such disorder, as this will enhance better blood flow in the arteries of the penis and thus better performance.
11. Living Longer
A study published in the British Medical Journal found that men who had at least two orgasms a week have a longer life expectancy than those who make love only once a week. According to experts, during an orgasm, the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is produced which repairs skin tissue and enhances immunity for a few more years.
12 - Be more beautiful!
According to dermatologists, regular love making activity enhance blood circulation which would help to eliminate toxins, unclog pores and give radiance to the skin. So, Ladies, here is a simple trick for radiant skin and a radiant face!

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