Things  Never Do Vagina

Ladies, the first thing to know about your between-thighs is that it is perfectly capable of taking care of itself. Although some of you know, they still insist to go after that part of their body, which causes more harm than good. It is necessary to know the basic rules to take care of her vagina and follow them to the letter. That is why we have collected together the 3 most common mistakes that must be avoided.
The willingness of women to stay fresh, to prevent odor that can be released from their bodies, they do tend to over wash or use scented products that may irritate their skin and have a detrimental effect on their body, because of the chemicals they contain. When it comes to personal hygiene, frequent cleaning may disrupt vaginal flora and cause dryness of the thin fragile skin of this area.
To better preserve the balance and health of your vagina, the following 3 mistakes should be avoided:
Self-medication is never a wise decision
When you encounter a problem with this intimate part, although it may seem insignificant , always consult your gynecologist. Forget those creams and these eggs supposed to treat yeast infections. Also avoid trying anything you read on the Internet because some products can cause vaginal burns that we would not wish to our worst enemy!
Insert unsanitary foreign objects into your vagina may seem like a good idea, until proven otherwise!
If you are sexually active, you already have your own ideas on what can be inserted in this area. Let's review! Items allowed are: fingers, sex toys, penis, lubricant, birth control, a menstrual cup ... and nothing else! Keep all these experiences that tempt you to other parts of the body and let your vagina quiet. Although cucumbers, bananas or other phallic objects can be a perfect size, they can cause serious damage to your vagina even if they are sterilized! So stay away from it and stand-by to basics.
 Stop Vaginal Douching!
Do you know your vagina should smell ?  it should remind you the tropical breeze or the morning mist! Constance Young, the assistant professor in obstetrics and gynecology department at the University Hospital of Columbia, argues that "the personal care products we often see advertisements are exactly the opposite of what they should do in the vaginal microbiota, and make the area more susceptible to infections. "
We mentioned a little earlier, but there is no harm in repeating: your vagina can be cleaned by itself, without the need of your help. It maintains its PH due to lactobacilli, healthy bacteria that develop there. When you apply scented products in this area, you disrupt their acidic environment, which becomes neutral, which makes your vagina unable to protect itself against external aggressions.
If you want to bring a little touch of freshness to your vagina, always opt for the simplest ways: use warm water and a non-perfumed soap on the area around your vagina and not inside. The best decision is to leave it quiet!

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