Deceased Loved

The death of a loved one is one of the most painful events and difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, this is the law of life and no one escapes. But sometimes our commitment to this person that we lost and we always keep in our heart and our mind, makes us feel that he is still there and he watches over us. For people who believe in life after death, here are 4 signs that a deceased loved one is still nearby you.
To mourn a person who occupied an important place in your life and in your heart is not easy. This can take months and even years to accept the idea of not seeing her/him or talking to her/him.
However, some people claim they can communicate with loved ones who have left this world and have the certainty that they watch over them and protect them. To help you find out if a loved one is near you and is trying to contact you, here are 4 signs to witness their presence.

4 Signs from Deceased Loved Ones :

1 - Dreaming of him
Dreaming of a loved one who has died can be a clear message from their presence with you. By interfering in your dreams, it is trying to communicate with you, soothe your pain, to guide you and protect you.
Moreover, many religions believe that the human soul is transported into another world during sleep. This spiritual world can be explored through the lucid dreams, which would allow us (almost) to control events of our dreams and interact with our spiritual visitors.
2 - To feel its presence or perfume
We've all had one day or another, feeling the familiar smell of someone we loved so much and which is no longer of this world. Whether the smell of his/her favorite perfume or a dish she/he prepared, maybe this is a sign that she/he is near you.
We can also feel a light touch or a gentle caress on the neck or back, which aims to draw attention to this benevolent presence.
3 - To hear voice
The voice of a dead person, even if it is dear to your heart, can be a strange and even frightening experience. This phenomenon known as clair audience, is fairly common.
Besides the spiritual intermediaries encourage people to talk to their deceased relatives and wait for signs of their response.
4 - objects change places
Who among us has not already found the keys on the dining table while we remember very well having deposited on the stand near the door? Although with this phenomenon we often ask ourselves if we suffer from Alzheimer's, especially if it is frequent. Indeed, it is in fact the sign that a loved one is trying to tell us mischievously its presence.

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