5 Buddha Thoughts That Will Change Your Life

Buddha was renowned for his wisdom without limits. Among the many lessons learned, here are 5 tips that could well improve your life.

There is strength in being awake every moment of your life. When you live each moment, leaving everything that is superfluous aside, every aspect of your life changes positively.

Be careful, be careful. When you are focused on living each moment, you are able to do more and better. Being awake all the time will help you overcome the obstacles of life, find the inner peace .

Be compassionate

Do you know what compassion? This is the benevolent interest in the misfortune and suffering of others. This is clearly one of the most prolific Buddhist principles because compassion is the best way to be an accomplished human.

Being compassionate means that you really want to know and understand those who are part of your life and do not stop only on their most visible aspects. From a personal point of view, compassion is what allows us to find inner peace, forgiving ourselves and forgive others, enable us to heal our old wounds and keep going when times are tough.

Finally, compassion, is also to recognize our own background and connect to the others in a real and sustainable way.

Accept death

To overcome the daunting idea of our own death, we must accept the fact that death is part of life. No human being on Earth has lived for 100 million years, and it never bothered anyone before.

Accept and acknowledge our finitude help us better understand the interdependence of all its elements. Buddhist novices are often asked to "meditate on death". To confirm this assimilation , they literally meditate on the image of a corpse. They are asked to visualize and imagine the dying process as a whole in the hope that this will trigger a profound awareness of the nature of death and its place in our existence.

Overcome your ego

The term refers to the representation of ego and conscience that a person has of oneself. It is considered the cradle of personality but sometimes it can become an obstacle to personal fulfillment. This is often the most apparent obstacle on our path to spiritual opening, and also for our search for inner peace and our pursuit of happiness.

Change yourself, change the world

One of the best things that Buddhists recommend is to know yourself. Indeed, how can you help others to discover if you do not know yourself?

Once you understand that we all depend on each other, community life will become more enjoyable and beneficial. The best way to welcome this feeling is to get rid of the notions of "you or them" so as to live better together, because we live together and we share the same existence.

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