Zodiac sign can reveal a lot about your personality, including your intelligence. And yes, some signs are showing more intelligence than others! Explanations.
1 - Scorpio
Scorpio holds the top position in this ranking! This water sign has great persuasive power and boundless energy. These are ambitious people who are not afraid of danger. Impulsive, they can sacrifice a lot for passion. 
The Scorpions are insightful; they are open to their environment and do not care about small details. They are not hypocrites, they are always honest with those around them. Warning: this sign still hides a manipulative side that should not be taken lightly ...
2 - Balance
According to Professor Neil Crabtree, graduated in astrology of the British school Mayo School of Astrology, the air signs are more intelligent because they know how to behave to satisfy those around them, and see things differently. The balance people are sociable, attractive and have a great sense of justice. People born under this sign are idealists, show an analytical mind and a passionate for intellectual stimulation. Professionally, they leave little room for feelings and go right to it. However, they should not let their indecision take over.
3 - Capricorn
Capricorns have a serious look and a great sense of organization. According to Professor Crabtree, this earth sign includes hard workers who like to accumulate goods and hate improvisation. They do not take anything lightly. They are equipped with analytical intelligence, have a calm temperament and avoid disputes and seek to solve problems. They are also mysterious people who rarely reveal their cards, they often hide their feelings ...
4 - Lion
Lions are authoritarian and demonstrate a sense of responsibility. They make good leaders and are known for their intuitive intelligence. They are go-getters who are not afraid to take risks, but they know what path to take. Enthusiastic, Lions do not like their sets limits and have difficulty understanding emotions or reactions of those around them. Note that the Lion did not hesitate to crush his opponents when his pride takes over ...
5 - Cancer
People born under this sign are sensitive, love peace and attach great importance to family matters and teamwork. Cancers are insightful: they understand your motives, your moods and do not neglect your feelings. Moreover, in Chinese astrology, water signs are known to be the most intelligent. 
Cancers are not trying to accumulate the maximum of goods or a large sum of money. Instead they like modesty and are always surrounded by loved ones who are a source of ample and satisfying happiness. However, their capricious and immature side must not take over because they become hard to follow

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