5 Myths Of What Men Really Want in Bed

Men are increasingly confronted with prejudices regarding their sexual urges. There are ancient myths about men and their expectations for women. Here are the five most common myths and realities behind.
Men are intimidated when a woman has had many sexual partners
This is not your experience that scares us ,but it is to talking about it. When you say you learned this incredible technique of a professor of Kundalini in Prague, we are struck by the image of you in the process of sweating in a yoga room with another man. Tell us rather that you learned in a book of Kama Sutra and you have always wanted to try. We know that you probably fibbing, but we will be much happier without this yoga teacher in our head.
Men expect women to be sexually brazen 
Apart from a memorable period in the 1990s, when men were supposed to be sensitive and shy and weep before the movies, couple relationships have not changed much over the years.
We let you know quickly that you attract us sexually and often, you tell us how far we can go and when. Usually, no one is more surprised than us when you say "yes" from the start. This does not mean we think you are a slut if you sleep with us from the first visit, but we wonder why we are able to close the deal as quickly.
We can decide that the chemistry between us is just too incredible than what expected. On the other hand, we might think that you are not so difficult as to whom you invited to your bed If your goal is to find a temporary sexual partner, it is not really a problem. But if we seek a long-term relationship, we can decide to keep looking until you find someone who wants us, not just someone with good physics.
Men want women that are sexually completely free
In fact, it is not so hard to please us. Indeed, we seek a partner who is sexually compatible with us. As long as you are open to 80% of the things we love, we will not fire you because you do not share any of our sexual fantasies.
In fact, we will feel more pressure if we believe that you say yes just to prove how good you are free and open. The last thing we want is to take you somewhere where you do not want to go. So tell us what are your limits, we will respect them. And if we're too far in our sexual tastes, perhaps the relationship may be not the best one ...
Men lose interest in a woman who makes them wait for intercourse
There are all kinds of expectations and our reaction depends largely on what we believe to be the reason. If we think you really take the time to know each other before becoming intimate, we are often flattered.
We like the idea that you are demanding because we feel great when you get to choose us.
It may sound cynical, but every man over 25 years has already met a woman who wanted nothing more than an invitation to the restaurant. The best way to keep us interested is to be yourself.
The adventures of a night never lead to happy endings
Most men do not spend 10 years looking for the right person to marry. For us, choosing a partner for life is as much a matter of timing than the concerned women. When we are not prepared professionally and personally for a long term relationship, the relationship can take longer , you jump in bed or you let us wait.
But if we are ready to engage and think you might be "right", we are not frightened by the precipitation of our first sexual encounter.
That said, this myth is rooted in reality. Meetings often involve a night of alcohol and are not guaranteed to feel the same alchemy once sober. That may be why you rarely encounter married couples whose history involves the six mojitos and a midnight bathing ...

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