Strong People Follow To Handle Stress

At the office, at home, in the car ... stress is inevitable. This natural phenomenon, known as the disease of the century, can affect anyone, regardless of his character or his age. Even children are not spared. But stress is not inevitable. All we need is just know how to deal with, in order to lead a quietly life. Here are 5 ways to manage stress in everyday life.
Facing the busy lifestyle we have, either at work pressure, family problems or other sources of tension, it is quite normal to feel stressful.
This is usually manifested by hot flashes, accelerated heart beat, a ball in the stomach or heaviness in the chest, but may also cause other more serious health problems. Stress impact, in fact, our physical and mental health and can cause insomnia, irritability, abdominal pain and a weakened immune system, if it becomes chronic.
Therefore, it is important to learn to manage stress so that it does not spoil our daily life. To do this, we must first identify sources of stress, to be ready to face them and then adopt some healthy behaviors.
5 Easy tips to better manage stress
1 - Getting in mind that stressful situations will always be there.
The first step to manage stress is to accept it. Be aware that whatever we do, the pressures that transform into the stress will always have their impact on present.
Accept and understand the situation as it is, may help to overcome, because we spend more time on make fixations, rather focusing on finding the solution.
So accept stress is a crucial phase so as to get the power to overcome and master it.
2 - Opting for stress management tools
According to different studies that focused on stress management programs in the workplace, goal setting, problem solving, identifying and challenging negative thoughts, time management and the relaxation are all effective ways to reduce stress and better manage.
3 - Use positive affirmations
The way you perceive things during a period of stress and how you interact internally can help you overcome this situation or otherwise depress you even more.
It is very important to focus on positive thoughts and affirmations and use assertiveness techniques to remind you that you are able to overcome any stressful situation. Repeat positive senstence like "I've been through worse before, I can handle this just like I did last time,"  which will have a motivating effect on you.
4 - Time management
The more we are pressed by time, the more stress we feel. This is why, it is very important to learn to manage time. To get there, make schedules. When you plan everything in advance, you have visibility into everything you need to do and can even program a short rest to regain strength. You can prepare a schedule for a day or a week, depending on your needs!
If you are overwhelmed, try to classify tasks to do in term of urgency.
5 - Find Happiness in difficult times
You are at exam time, you go to an interview in a few minutes or you have a lot of work at office? Smile, it can only have positive effects physically and morally. Indeed, if you are faced with a stressful situation, try to laugh rather than doming. And remember that laughing is the best anti-stress.
A US study published in the Psychological Science magazine has also shown that smiling, even forcibly, reduces stress. The study was conducted on students during exams. Some of them were forced to smile by holding their mouth with chopsticks, while performing stressful tasks. The result were shocking, students who had smiled have stress rate lower than those who had a neutral facial expression.

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