The possible uses of aluminum foil are seemingly endless ... Discover a range of intelligent uses of this product in any kitchen!
Most people use only foil to wrap sandwiches or potatoes after cooking ... Or the foil can also help you in everyday tasks, it may help you become more creative and above all save you time and money !
Here are some of the best ideas:
1. Iron Your Clothes faster
Unroll the aluminum foil on the ironing board, place your laundry and iron above, this will let you iron your clothes on both sides . This trick will help you do this task in less time and you'll be amazed at the results!
The aluminum foil is to retain heat and allows fast and efficient ironing on both sides at the same time, which is convenient and useful when you are in a hurry ...
2. Extend the freshness of the paint pot
We know very well that a can of paint can dry quickly and become useless without being used in full ... However, aluminum foil can help you extend the life of your paint!
Simply cut the aluminum foil as a round the size of the paint can lid. Then you need to put aluminum on the paint and blowing into the pot to get some oxygen inside. Now close the lid. This will prolong the life of the paint and you can use it whenever you want.
3. Sharpen your old scissors
If you have old scissors and you can not use them, try this trick. Instead of throwing them, take aluminum foil, fold it to a thick band and start cutting with scissors. Try to take a sheet of aluminum 20 to 25 cm and fold it lengthwise as many times as you can. Whenever you cut with your scissors, the sheet will sharpen each snip.
4. Move your furniture on a wooden floor
If your floor is wood, you should definitely try this trick. If you need to move furniture from one room to the other, and want to avoid scratching your floor, simply placing pieces of aluminum foil under furniture legs. This way, your furniture "slip" and will not leave scratch marks on the floor.
5. Improve the picture on your TV
Sometimes the picture quality of your TV may deteriorate because of static electricity circulating around your devices. To improve the quality of the image, simply place a sheet of aluminum foil between the DVD player and your TV. It will reduce the electromagnetic fields of these two devices, which will improve the quality of the image.
6. Keep your pets away from furniture
If you have a pet at home, you probably have old furniture ... Pets love bite or scratch the table legs, sofas and more. If you want to preserve your furniture and keep them safe, try this simple trick!
It's simple, wrap table legs with aluminum foil; pets do not like the rustling foil. You should also put some aluminum foil on all the places you want to keep away from your pets. After a while, your pet will learn that they should stay away from your furniture then you can remove the aluminum foil!

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