6 Things That Woman Should Not Expect From A Man

In a relationship, women can do a lot of ideas and expect several things from their men. However, this mistake can affect the couple and cause more trouble. In fact, the spouse can choose the distance to avoid conflicts.
Here are 6 things a woman should not expect from a man.
1 - Generosity
While it is nice to receive gifts from her man, the woman should not expect to see tons. In doing so, it would that accumulating disappointment! Unlike women, men do not give much importance to compliments, gifts and emotional dates such as (Valentine's Day, anniversary of first meeting, etc.). 
Therefore ladies, there is no harm to remind them of the events a few days in advance. As for you gentlemen, a bunche of flowers or a box of chocolate from time to time does not hurt you and in addition it's good to each other!
2 -  Perspicacity
Do not expect that your man know what is going on in your head, it certainly has not the gift of reading your thoughts. If his behavior does not please you or if you need his presence with you, explain it to him clearly and calmly. Put words on your emotions to enable it to understand exactly the message you want to convey to him. If, like many women, you have the annoying habit of sulking so that he understands and comes by himself to you, you may have to wait longer.
3 - spontaneous confessions
When a man has problems, whether personal, professional or financial, it falls back on himself to try to think calmly and find alone the solution to his problems. But many women do not understand this need for solitude and criticize their man not to share with them their emotions and thoughts. Indeed, some go up to believe in infidelity. Ladies, a little tolerance please. Men just need a little space, and as soon as everything get better, he will return to you with open arms!
4 - Compliments
Every woman loves to feel beautiful and desirable in the eyes of her man. Therefore, she tries to take care of it and change their look to surprise and see the deep admiring look into his eyes. To reward his efforts, nothing beats a sincere compliment. But sometimes overwork, fatigue, stress, etc. make make man not even notice your haircut. Do not take it to heart and try to be understanding. If your man has no sense of observation, draw his attention by asking his opinion!
5 - Full attention
When a woman is in love, she did everything possible to take care of her man and make him happy. But meanwhile, the man can show recklessness and lack of initiative, which will be for the woman a sign of neglect and rejection. However, this behavior is actually the result of man's difficulty of showing his feelings and translate them into action.
6 - The commitment
Who among us has not dreamed of a man kneeling before her and asking to stay with her until the end of his days? This beautiful image of the perfect gentleman is unfortunately rare in reality. Men, by their education and nature, enjoy the freedom and prefer to avoid too much responsibility on a personal level, needless to say! So do not expect that your man proposes to move in with him or presents you to his family, from the second appointment. Give him time and let him the chance to enjoy your company.
It is true that every man is different, and each has its strengths and weaknesses. So, ladies, it's up to you to share things and know what you can tolerate and what you can not. But if your man lacks all previous points it's up to you to figure out what should be done

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