7 Reasons To Date Left-Handed People

Is he left-handed, right? It is not a question that arises when choosing a partner, either for a time or for life. Yet it is not as harmless as it seems. We detail here the reasons why you may have interest to choose a southpaw (left-handed). Remember, ladies, that you have all your chances.
1 - They are better lovers
It seems that being left handed or right is crucial sensually. In any case what is suggested by a recent survey which found that 86% of left-handed people say they are "extremely satisfied" with their intimate life, against only 15% of right-handers.
Why such a difference? Left-handers use the right side of their brain part that contains all that is sensual, while righties use the left side of their brain, rather analytical part.
2 - They are superior intelligence
Do you know the Mensa? This is a club bringing together people whose scores on intelligence tests are among the 2% the highest in the world. Well, know that 20% of its members are left. In addition, a study by the University of St Lawrence (New York) shows that proportionally more left-handed than have an IQ above 140. The reason? One theory is that they are often forced to use both lobes of their brains.
Among left-handed people geniuses include Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin and Benjamin Franklin.
3 - What is rare is more valuable
Left-handed people represents only 10 to 15% of the world population. However, their genes are not nearly out because, explains the biologist Charlotte Faurie, a researcher at the University of Montpellier, Left-handed people have historically fighting not to disappear: "The fact that Left-handed people are more few means they can play on a surprise, "she says.
4 - They are more financially independent
Is it due to the strong survival instinct that we mentioned earlier? We do not know. But the fact remains that left-handed people have a 15% chance of being richer than right-handers. If they have a university education, this percentage increases to 26%.
5 - They can do several things at once
Imagine that while you work on your computer, listening to music, you chat on a social network, you drink a soda, you discuss with your colleague and you do a search on the Internet. If you are right handed, there are chances that your work being affected. If you are left, no problem because your brain works faster and thus organizes extensive information.
A study published in the Australian magazine Neuropsychology shows that left-handed people are better at video games because they have a better response to complex stimulation. It comes down to this ability to use both lobes of their brains ...
6 - These are great inventors
Left-handed people are not just smart. They also have the creative spirit, which makes artists and inventors. In fact, they use more the right side of their brain, the seat of emotion, imagination and creativity. They are gifted in art, music and languages. The proof ? Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo were left-handed.
Need another reason to dating a left-Handed person? Here's one: a study published in the American Journal of Psychology has shown that left-handed people are free thinkers, able to imagine innovative solutions to a given problem. Ability they display in their professional life, but also personal. In short, you will never get bored with them.

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