Freaky Dreams

We all already awakened with a fear because of a wacky dream that marks us for a long time. There are ones you think with a little smile (your little friend from high school who asks you in marriage) and those whose mere mention gives you horror chills (you are naked feet to the head in public ). But how to explain that, some nights you hallucinate completely? Here are 7 reasons.
You ate spicy before going to bed
Stay away from pad Thai! Eating too hot before going to bed is a possible explanation for nightmares. Spices increase metabolism and body temperature, which speeds up brain activity, especially during REM sleep (5th and last stage of a sleep cycle). In a normal person, the REM sleep occupies about a quarter of the duration of a night. This is the time when dreams occur.
Your body does not produce enough melatonin
Melatonin or sleep hormone is produced by the pineal gland, endocrine gland. The presence of light prevents its secretion, and is stimulated after dark.
The pineal gland controls the cycles of sleep and waking. As soon as it's dark, it secretes melatonin, thus informing the brain that it is time to sleep.
One can also find melatonin in small quantities in the leaves and roots of many plants like fenugreek seeds, fennel, poppy, flax, coriander and sunflower.
For a good night's sleep, the ideal is to adjust your sleep to be in bed every day at the same hour, and avoid exposure to artificial light before sleeping (phone screen, computer ...).
You have watched TV before going to bed
Complete 3 episodes of your favorite soap opera before sleeping is not necessarily a brilliant idea. This can make you have dreams rather delusional.
Our dreams are drawn in our subconscious, so when we look at a soap opera (or even when reading a book) that touches us personally, these images are rooted in the mind that reproduces in dreams.
You recently stopped taking medication
When taking antidepressants or psychostimulants (natural or synthetic substances that fight against fatigue and enhance cognitive abilities - coffee for example), you no longer dreams. Indeed, antidepressants suppress REM sleep stage that produces the dreams.
But as soon as you stop taking it, they returned in force and can be completely crazy. If you are a regular consumer of marijuana or alcohol and you stop suddenly, you will also completely wacky dreams.
You suffer from sleep apnea
Sleep apnea is characterized by involuntary cessation of breathing during sleep. It usually occurs in overweight people, the elderly or those who snore significantly.
Often, people with sleep apnea do not realize they are pauses in breathing during the night. But the fact that they wake up with a start impairs sleep quality. The most common symptoms are those resulting from fragmented sleep and poor.
However, as sleep is disturbed, excessive fatigue one feels on awakening, headache, drowsiness during the day and often irritability. If you suffer from any of these items, see the faster a sleep specialist.
You have not slept well the night before
When you already sleep deprived, you do not sleep well that night. The brain is overactive, causing unpleasant dreams. Get enough sleep (average 8 hours a night) and remember that the only real sign of adequate sleep is to feel in good shape tomorrow.
Are you constantly stressed
Stress and anxiety are the enemies of sleep, because that's when the brain analyzes your most negative thoughts. Unfortunately they are two of the most common scourges in our contemporary society. Get active to decompress and relax.
The solution to wake up in a good mood and reduce stress is a peaceful sleep without nightmares.

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