7 Signs That You Are A slave And How To Free Yourself

Many people think themselves are free but are actually slaves. Be a slave does not necessarily mean that you are chained or that you belong to someone. Through this article you will see that there are other forms of servitude, much more subtle.
Here are 7 signs that you are enslaved and some tips to free yourself:
1. You watch much TV
A clear sign of your slave state: you lose a lot of time to be manipulated by mind-numbing TV programs.
Television is constantly trying to take control of your life by selling you lies through advertisements. They are intended only to convince you that you need more and more, and you need to spend your money on these things supposed to improve your life.
In addition, television is sometimes advocate racism, homophobia etc., inspiring fear of the other and anchoring all sorts of unfounded beliefs in your minds.
It mesmerizes you with its soap operas and the stupid emissions that make you lazy and prevent you to think about the important things in life. It locks you into a cage, and the sooner you will escape, the better.
2. you support politicians
The majority of politicians do not want to improve the world in which we live. Instead, they try to prevent any positive change to stay in power by pretending to care about our problems and want to solve.
If you support the politicians, you definitely have a slave mentality. You want them to lead and take charge of your life, even if you know they are there to serve their own interests first and their personal ambitions.
Freedom and responsibility always go hand in hand, so if you want to free yourself, take up your responsibilities, be in action and stop blaming others.
3. you think that the more you spend, the more you happy
Another sign of your slave state: you give in to every new fashion tendancy, you have the impression of not having enough material things and always want to buy more, especially known brands. You want to look like your favorite stars to be happy and feel good about yourself (thinking you're in them).
Now this is what you want, deep: inner peace, love and deep connections with people and nature. Material things never compensate these gaps, so you remain frustrated in spite of all your purchases. A handbag or a pair of shoes signed only bring pleasure and happiness forever. Concentrate on the real values, they will bring you happiness and serenity.
4. you follow blindly the religion
Another sign: You have been indoctrinated and conditioned to believe blindly, never ask questions, for fear of committing a sin or go to hell.
Most religions inculcate us with important spiritual lessons provided they are critical of their teachings. Do not hesitate to seek advice from subject matter expert for clarification on points which appear to be fuzzy or contradictory. The debate has the merit of clarifying the ideas.
5. you feel compelled to work
Money does not buy happiness, certainly, but we need it to eat and have a roof. However, if you are doing a job you hate, and you find painful, put yourself in question. It may be high time to look for another job where you can thrive.
6. You eat anything
The body is the temple of the soul, but rather a lot of people treat it as a dustbin.
Food companies have convinced us that it is normal to consume processed foods although they do not respect our health or the environment.
Take, for example, meat production companies. The animals are treated barbarically. They are tortured, full of hormones and drugs and slaughtered for us to eat their meat, while studies have repeatedly demonstrated the dangers of meat for our health.
A weak body is not without a weak mind and easily manipulated. So eat healthy, take care of your body and treat it well because it is your most valuable asset.
7. You consume too much medication
Antidepressant, sleeping pills and so on.. ..., that's how you fall into the drug spiral.
Drugs can certainly cure your disease if you take them vigilantly. But when the disorder is psychosomatic, we must go back to the origin of evil to be overcome .
Never forget that pharmaceutical companies are cash machines. They are there to make money. The more you are weak and sick, the more they will continue to line their pockets

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