Planks Excercise Every day

Weight training without dumbbells or other equipments are increasingly popular because they are convenient to get fit: simply use the weight of the body. The Plank is one of those excercise, perhaps even more effective you can do because it allows you to achieve substantial results without investing too much time.
The abdominal muscles help support your back and spine, playing a vital role in injury prevention. However, to play their role successfully, these muscles need to be strengthened through regular training.
To float every day is a great way to strengthen your abdominal and thus to support your spine. This is what happens when you start doing the planks for 5 to 10 minutes everyday:
1 - You improve the performance of your abdominal muscles
Doing the planks is an ideal exercise for your abdominal muscles as it aims to the transverse of muscle, the rectus muscle and the external oblique muscle of the abdomen .
If you strengthen the muscle groups you will find:
  • The transverse abdominal muscle: you will develop an ability to lift heavier weights.
  • The rectus muscle of the abdomen: is deemed to give the famous chocolate bars.
  • The abdominal external oblique muscle: it improves your ability to have a lateral bending and torsion of stable size.
  • Gluteal muscles: you get a better back support and firm and well-shaped.
2 You reduce your risk of back injury and spinal
Doing the planks exercise helps build muscle, while not exerting too much pressure on your spine and hips. Not only this exercise significantly reduces your back pain, but it provides support for your entire back, especially in the areas surrounding the spine.
3 Boost your metabolism
Doing the planks exercise is a great way to work your whole body, as it helps you burn more calories than staying on your couch ... Moreover, you will burn more calories than other abdominal exercises such as pumps or sit-ups. This is especially important if you spend your working day sitting at a computer.
Do 1-10 minutes of exercise before or after work not only improves your metabolism: this allows you to have energy to spare.
4 You improve your posture
Make the board improves your ability to keep you straight and stable. By strengthening your abdominal muscles, you will be able to keep a good posture all the time because the muscles in your abdomen have a profound effect on your neck, your shoulders, your chest and your back.
5 You improve your overall balance
You can not stand on one leg more than a few seconds? This is because your lap belt is not strong enough to ensure the necessary balance.
Improve your balance by the board will allow you to be more efficient in all kinds of sports.
6 You become more flexible than ever
Flexibility is one of the main benefits if you make the board regularly because this exercise stretches your back muscles groups - shoulders, shoulder blades and collarbones and your hamstrings, the arches of your feet and your toes .
If you add sideboards, you can work your oblique muscles. A crucial move to properly support the weight of your body.
7 You experience psychological benefits
This exercise has a special effect on your nerves, improve your general mood. In fact, stretching the muscle groups, it helps to rid your body of stress and tension.
If you sit all day at the office or at home, your muscles stiffen, your legs become heavy and tensions are growing in your shoulders. Consequently, muscles and nerves are under too much tension. The good news is that making the board can also treat anxiety and symptoms of depression - if you do it every day.

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