The race against the clock and the hectic lifestyle of the modern world are increasingly intense stress on our bodies. Acupressure, a healing art practiced in Eastern medicine, which reduces your stress in seconds with simple pressure and massages.
Stress is the cause of many diseases of modern times, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disorders. This can be cured simply by using acupressure technique.
This technique allows to restore and strengthen the emotional and metabolic balance. It is to exert pressure to specific areas of the body organs related to where various vital channels are gather. These pressures contribute to stimulate the neuromuscular system, promoting vascularization. The good blood and lymph circulation which allows thereby to deliver more oxygen and nutrients to organs and to inhibit the pathological secretion of lactic acid which causes muscle tension and its various associated disorders.
To relieve pain and reduce stress, just for a few seconds stimulate these 9 pressure points of your body.
1- The base of the skull
With your thumb, massage slowly for 20 seconds the base of your skull, right at the intersection of your neck. Acupuncture points of this area can relieve many ailments. They affect the nervous system, the emotional and physiological state.
2- The ear
Experts say this is the best anti-stress pressure point. Massage this point by taking the deep breaths. ear pressure centers affect on the kidneys, bladder, pancreas, liver and intestine in addition to allowing de-stress.
3- Chest
Use two or three fingers to massage the center of your chest. This pressure point provides relief from stress and anxiety by acting on the nervous system.
4- The stomach
Many reflexologists prefer this because it brings a dynamic that helps relax the chest and diaphragm, which improves breathing. Massage the area, taking deep breaths.
5- The 7 Joints
Successively compressing your joints at the elbows and knees reduces your anxiety. A massage at these parts also help to ease chest pain. Most acupresseurs consider the stimulation of acupressure points at these areas which helps invigorate the body, improve metabolic balance and relieve various ailments, as they bring together several nerve endings related to several vital organs.
6- The palm
The hands represent the entire body and the acupuncture points located there sustainably improve the well-being. On the palm of the hand are one of the major meridians; put pressure there which allows to act simultaneously on the liver, pancreas, heart, and provides instant relief from stress.
8- Feet
According to traditional Chinese medicine, each organ of the body corresponds to a pressure point on the soles of the feet. Massage the soles will help restore overall and psychic energy balance. It allows to relieve stress and anxiety, while helping to relieve the pain in the ankle.
9- Calves
Pressing the calves for a minute increases and regulate the flow of energy. It also helps to improve your concentration and reduces fatigue. To do this, perform a pinch muscle, rubbing your calves from the bottom up. So you stimulate blood circulation which helps restore metabolic balance.
It is recommended to take the advice of a specialist before performing these massages on pregnant women and people with heart diseases, because of the consequent effect they may have on the body.

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