9 Signs That Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive

Emotional abuse within couples can leave severe and lasting psychological consequences, since it is usually very difficult to escape this type of toxic relationships once inside. If you feel confused and can not determine if your partner is actually destroying you emotionally, here are 9 signs that will help you open your eyes!
9 Signs You’re Suffocating Your Partner
1- Frequent mood swings
It is all ears and totally focused with you, and then suddenly he starts screaming at you because you did something that does not suit him! These sudden and repeated mood swings are a sign of an unbalanced personality and a person who seeks to empty his frustrations on someone else. Relationships that oscillate between moments of tenderness and forgiveness that never end, are unlikely to continue in the future. Do not waste your time anymore!
2- A vacuum around you
He tries to limit your contact with friends and family, as he believes they are too involved in your relationship. You must not accept this under any circumstances, because if you move away from them, you become an easy prey to his mistreatment.
3- Jealousy
An emotionally abusive partner will not be only jealous of your family and friends. But he will also be jealous of your dreams, your ambitions and goals in life. He is angry at the mere idea that you do not rely entirely on him. If he really loves you, he will never reject your right to be happy.
4- Disputes and angers crises repeatedly 
He dramatizes everyday small bickering quickly turn into major disputes. He often manages to convince you that what happened is your fault or you try to say its your fault trying to have a little "peace" in your home. If you find out that you are in such situations, he is able to physically assaulted you, talk to your loved ones and separate from your partner as soon as possible.
5- He makes you nervous.
An emotionally abusive partener will try by all means to make you feel his superiority, and will not hesitate to use physical violence if something does not suit him. If you are afraid of your partner, you have nothing to expect from your relationship.
6- He constantly belittles you
He never will support you no matter what you do and how you do it. When it comes to you, nothing is ever quite well. Do not let him bring you down! Have a high self esteem for yourself than for your achievements without his encouragement!
7- You Always take care of him.
There is nothing wrong with doing so if you want to make your partner happy, but if you receive the same attention in return. A relationship that lasts because you make the effort to make it last doesn't make any sense.
8- You feel trapped
In this kind of relationship, the feeling of helplessness is very common. Your partner try to control every detail of your life: it will check your mails, messages, people with whom you spend your free time, etc. If you feel taken hostage, break your chains and try your luck elsewhere!
9- He convinces you that it is your Fault
Thus with all these persuasions, arguments and contempt, you begin to believe that the problem actually comes from you, you deserve how he treats you. Do not yield to these dark thoughts, it's just a manipulative tactic. Break the evil spell! You are worth much more than that!

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