Boost The Speed Of Internet Connection

Nowadays, nobody can do without internet, whether at work or at home. However, little problems can occur and slow down your connection, so you will inevitably miss your movie or episode of your favorite series. Here's some tips that will allow you to speed up your Internet connection in no time!
How to speed up internet connection?
The trick is simple, just follow a few instructions. To begin, it is important to know that you should never place the router next to metal objects, refrigerators or microwave, because they slow the signal. It would be best to put it near your computer or your mobile phone. It must also be installed vertically (2-3 meters) and be clean. So be sure to clean it at least twice a week to prevent dust getting inside that could slow the connection.
A can to boost the connection
In addition, here is a simple trick that will help you boost your Wi- Fi. For that, you'll just need two cans:
After emptying the cans, clean, let dry for a few minutes and remove the tabs. Then use a knife to cut the bottom of each can (do not cut the top). With scissors, cut the right rear of the can so that you can open it like a sheet of paper.
Run the router's antenna into the hole where the tongue is and enjoy a faster and more efficient connection. The can be a second antenna that will boost your connection.
How to protect your home from wireless network?
Wireless networks are not without health dangers. Indeed, they can weaken the immune system and cause serious disorders such as cancer. To understand how these electromagnetic waves can affect our body, we must turn back and return to the so-called radio frequency. They existed for thousands of years and have led to the invention of electronic devices such as computers, television, mobile phones ...
Therefore, when using these devices, you are constantly exposed to these radio frequencies. Wireless internet connections are the most dangerous, because they cover large areas and can be exposed to several of them at the same time (yours, those of your neighbors, etc.).
What are the health risks?
In 2007, researchers conducted a study to identify the dangers associated with exposure to these electromagnetic fields such radio frequencies. According to results published in the Bio-initiative Report, we find that:
- Increased stress level
- A weakened immune system
- Breast Cancer Increased risk
- An increased risk of cancer in children
- Nervous system disorders
The research group has also provided simple methods to help you protect your home from wireless network and protect your health. Applying these instructions will only take a few minutes before bedtime.
Tips to protect your home from wireless networks :
- Turn off all electronics and power strips devices
- Place away your bed from all electronics outlet (a distance of one meter)
- For windows, choose the low-emissivity glazing glasses that are told to protect your home from electronic waves.
- If you're planning to do renovations or build your home, it is advisable to install radiant barriers. These are aluminum barriers which filter the radiation from the outside that will protect you very effectively.

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