Drinking 3.5L of water a day for a month

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your body if you drink 3.5L of water a day for a month? A young American has decided to experiment to see what would happen if she overcomes this challenge. A month later, she tells us the changes she did not even suspect. Here is his story.
Day 1: Let the challenge begin!
From the first day, I realized 3.5L was a lot of water and I had to concentrate fully on my goal of the day to accomplish.
Day 5: I run to the bathroom every 20 minutes
Given the fact that our body is made up of 60% water, drinking regularly is essential to maintain proper operation. However, 3.5L of water a day is far exceed the usual recommended amount. So I was forced to drink even if I had not thirsty. Besides, I felt more satiated despite the fact that I was eating less. In other hand what bothered me was this frequent need to run to the bathroom every 20 minutes to urinate, to the point that some people thought I was taking drugs.
Day 10: I ... embellished?
I feel different, especially in the morning. Usually I needed a cup of coffee to start, but now I feel fresh and full of energy as soon as I open my eyes. My appearance has improved. This may be a placebo effect, but I feel that my hair became shiny and my skin more radiant. It is true that I have always had a good image of myself but with this new habit, I feel different. The only problem is to constantly have this water bottle in hand. Even at night, I keep it on my bedside table.
Day 15: Energize
I was full of energy, even though I hardly drink coffee. Usually I drink up to 3 cups daily. When I go running at night, I feel I have become faster. I sleep better and I feel like my body has adapted to this lifestyle so much that I feel an incredible thirst if I do not drink.
Day 20: I am told that I look happier
I'm still run into the toilet very frequently and each time, my urine is clear and pure. My boyfriend noticed that my skin was clearer and I feel that I always have more energy. This may sound strange but I feel I'm getting better. I have no problem to drink as much water: this has become my new standard.
Day 30: Light and detoxified
This is the last day of my challenge, and I still have that urge to go to the toilet and this constant feeling of thirst. But despite this, I feel good in my body. Maybe it's a little too much to drink 3.5L of water a day, but I come up with the fact that I did not drink enough water before this challenge.

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