Experts say that when we are lying or when we sleep in our beds, our subconscious opens and absorbs more energy. This is why the system of Feng Shui strongly recommends to not put anything under the bed But like any rule, there is always an exception ...
Feng Shui, What is it?
Before talking about this particular rule of Feng Shui and its exception, discover this art.
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese stylelife which name means wind and water. It aims to develop the space so as to harmonize the energy that circulates. It takes into account the two opposing forces, Yin (black) and Yang (white), to achieve the necessary balance between the different elements present in this space (furniture, colors, backgrounds, etc.). Thus, it guarantees the physical and mental well-being of occupants.
One of the rules of Feng Shui for the layout of the bedroom is to keep the space under the bed empty to ensure a fluid flow of energy that could be channeled through the body during the night. The objects you place under your bed can carry a negative energy that your subconscious could absorb while you sleep, which may be harmful for you. It is therefore crucial that the space under your bed is cleared and cleaned regularly.
The exception to the rule!
However, as we mentioned above, there is always an exception to the rule. Feng Shui allows us to place a single object under our bed, "the treasure box." This is a Feng Shui tool loaded to convey specific desires and intentions that aim to open our subconscious and increase our chances of achieving our desires.
What is the "treasure box" and what does it contain?
The quality of the box is extremely important because it influences the quality of energy that it will circulate. A solid cover is synonymous with safe and stable power, while a more open box corresponds to an "open" energy. Both are perfect - simply choose the one that best suits your aspirations.
Regarding the box material , you have a choice of three materials. The wooden circulates the energy of activity and growth. Gold (even if it is fake) or silver finely crafted and decorated with stones increases wealth. While Clay or ceramic correspond to the attention and care.
What can be put in the "treasure box"?
Before putting anything in the box, take the time to ask what would make you truly happy. The idea is to find things that would give you happiness and you wish to invite into your life. This means that you must put in the box objects that match your goal. Examples:
If you want more money, put in your box a few tickets, jewelry, crystals, gold coins, etc. However avoid to put ordinary coins in that box.
If you want to attract love, put in your box natural scents, red candles, scented creams and essential oils.
Place the box under your bed, in your navel. So that you feel better the influence of the energy it gives off as it "feed" your energy like a mother feeds her fetus through the umbilical cord.
For better stimulation of energy, it is important to refresh the contents of the box every 3 months.

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