Do you suffer from an oily damaged and dull hair ? Discover the best natural ingredients to get rid of greasy hair and prevent further hair disorders.
For healthy, bright, silky, voluminous hair, there is nothing better than natural ingredients. Here are the best natural tips to improve the quality of your hair.
1. Lemon
If you want to reduce the appearance of oily roots of your hair, use lemon juice. This juice tightens the pores of the scalp and regulates the levels of fat in your hair. Moreover, it clears up naturally.
How it works ?
Simply press 2 or 3 lemons and mix the juice with warm water. Apply this solution on the scalp; let it rest for about 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
2. Beer
Rich in sugars, vitamins and protein, beer nourishes hair, while giving shine and volume.
How it works ?
Use the beer when you wash your hair; apply it to rinse and rub them thoroughly. By practicing this trick once a month, you will have larger and shinier hair.
3. Linden flower
Linden flower is effective to repair damaged hair and perfect to combat hair loss, because this plant stimulates their growth.
How it works ?
Put 1 teaspoon of linden flowers in a cup of hot water, cool the mixture and rinse your hair with.
4. birch leaves
Birch leaves prevent dandruff and combat hair loss. Rich in minerals and healthy components, birch leaves treat hair loss, cleanse the scalp and strengthen the hair.
How it works ?
Just prepare a tea with birch leaves: Place a few leaves in hot water, let soak and cool. Then use this tea to rinse your hair and make it shiny and silky.
5. Nettle
The nettle leaves are rich in minerals (iron, magnesium, etc.) , in trace elements and vitamins (B) why this plant is perfect for improving the quality of hair.
If you suffer from hair loss, dandruff or other similar problems, consider using nettle tea to strengthen your hair and prevent hair loss.
How it works ?
You will need:
- 1 jar
- 30 cl cider vinegar
- Some nettle leaves
Fill ¾ of the pot with nettle leaves and add the cider vinegar. Marinate for 5 weeks in a warm place and shake the pot 2 times a week for mixing it.
Use this solution to rinse your hair after each bath. You will stimulate their growth.

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