Stop Judging People

Constantly judging others has become a ritual part of our daily life! This is put labels on people, "this one is too arrogant," "the other is too shy" ... Nobody likes to be judged, however judging too much or less seems to be difficult ...
As humans, we naturally tend to impose our beliefs on others. Some take their beliefs for absolute truths not to be discussed, and allow themselves to criticize the beliefs of others. You also have one who loves a style of music such as Jazz, and criticizing someone who loves country music or another.
Judging others may be a hindrance to our personal and professional relationships. We limit our vision of the other and we do not give ourselves time to see its true values. We must learn to question this judgments.
To reduce our judgement takes time and practice. There are techniques that will help you less criticize or judge others.
An exercise to do everyday so as to stop judgments:
1- It must first that you recognize that you like judgments.
2- Think about something good about that person. If you do not succeed, think if you have the opportunity to change things or if you have all the necessary information to make that judgment. You will eventually tell yourself that not even about you!
Other methods allow you to change your view of things, and to maintain a good relationship with others:
Ask why
If you have a judgment about someone, try to find out? why I judge that person? Why I blame that person? Why this person is often lonely? It is by answering these questions, you'll find an explanation, or you realize that this is only the mirror of your own behavior ...
Develop a less critical mindset
Train yourself to stop as soon as you find yourself judging someone. The judgment automatically often comes in our mind, but we must learn to slow down immediately.
We must also learn to be more understanding! When you have a judgment on someone in certain situation, take the time to speculate on this and learn to be understanding by finding excuses for that behavior. Also try to see the qualities of that person, which will allow you to enjoy more and better understand his/her behavior in the future.
Learn to make constructive criticism
Avoid creating your judgment too hastily. If you are convinced of your opinion, give yourself the time to think about the formulation of your critics to be perceived positively .
It is also important to think about presenting your criticism between two compliments, while beginning sentences with "I" and not "you". The fact of using "you" automatically puts the caller on the defensive.
You will notice that by using these methods, you will change your mind about the people you criticize before, and maybe even appreciate and encourage them instead of telling them how they should be.

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