My Laptop is Slow

Not too long ago I was showing off my laptop and was embarrassed because my laptop was slow. Here are few How To’s to speed up your laptop for beginners.
My problem was very simple.? I unplugged my laptop from the power strip. By doing that,? you are actually running on half of the power that your laptop contains. I did know that but sometimes even a tech guy like me forgets stuff like that!
So if you ever wonder why your laptop is slow, the? first thing to do? is to check your power.
Viruses and spyware are another threat to your operating system (unless it’s Unix,? or a Mac based OS) , because it slows your PC by using laptop resources.
Get free antivirus like AVG – It’s? great free antivirus program, and millions of people are using it.
Get free anti-spyware software like Search & Destroy – My very first and favorite Windows spyware protector.
If you do not have any of the problems above, you might want to see if there is software on your computer that is using lots of memory and replace it with something else.
I remember that a few of my friends complained always about Norton and Kaspersky Anti-Virus  slowing their PC down.
Also check how much space do you have left on your hard drive? Do you have less than 20% of storage left? What about your memory?
In today’s world with all the cool applications,? your PC will suck with only 4GB of memory so you might look into upgrading.
Again, the? above advice is for? beginners. If you have checked all these? and still don’t know why your laptop is slow, you might want to comment below and I’ll see what I can come up with to answer your question.
Please be specific when asking questions , for example let me know what your problem is , and let me know what operating system and specifications you have.

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