Microsoft’s Bing continues to grow

Bing is beginning to claw it’s way upwards in terms of Market Share, with another series of statistics showing that it has increased it’s share from 12.7% to 20% this Month. The data itself is quite interesting, with statistics proving that the gap between the Demi-God Google, and Bing is not as cataclysmic as once thought.
With an analysis by Comscore on loyalty to service providers, it found that most users in the Unites States used Google to search the internet, standing at around 84%. But more interesting is the combined share of both Microsoft and Yahoo, whose combined total of searches by US users stands at around 73%.
With Bing’s marketing strategy basically making as many users test drive Bing as possible in a short time frame, it seems that the strategy is failing from the initial stats (20%). But considering that only the Microsoft figures have been measured, the actual numbers are far higher than they seem. With figures and news such as a 169% increase in Bing’s shopping traffic, as well as mass media saturation through ads, it seems that Bing has already gathered momentum, even before its merger with Yahoo.

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