Teenager Died Of A Heart Attack After Drinking This Drink

Many people neglect their health and opting for processed foods and soft drinks available in supermarkets. This bad habit may be very dangerouse to health or even fatal. This is the story of a teenage girl sadly died after drinking this famous beverage.
Lanna Hamman is a girl of 16 years old from Arizona, United States. On here vacation in Mexico in June 2014 with her friends and her parents, she had spent the day at the beach drinking Redbull instead of water to hydrate. 
Unfortunately this drink has led to her death within a few hours. Initially Lanna had suffered from respiratory problems, which prompted her father to take her to the emergency room, where she succumbed to cardiac arrest.
After this drama, Kris Hamman, Lanna's mother confirmed that she often saw her daughter drinking energy drinks. She wanted to share her story to warn people about the dangers of drinking such beverages. According to the cardiologist Jack Wolfson, the state of dehydration and high content of the drink caffeine and sugar are the main causes of the girl death .
How energy drinks affect the body?
Energy drinks like Red Bull are known for their high caffeine content with artificial sweeteners and sugar. This is why the person feels full of energy after having drunk. 
However, the effect wears off very quickly and the desire for a second cop is even more pressing. An hour after drinking this type of beverage, your blood becomes similar to that of cardiovascular patients, which can increase your risk of heart attacks. Indeed, during 2011, ANSES would have counted about 257 incidents linked to the consumption of energy drinks, including: nervousness, irritability, anxiety, and neurological disorders, cardiovascular and gastro -intestinal problems.
In addition, here are the problems that energy drinks can cause:
  • hypertension
  • The chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • The Anguish
  • Sensitivity to caffeine
In some countries such as Denmark, Norway and Uruguay, the consumption of energy drinks was banned. Because they also contain aspartame that affect the nervous system and may have carcinogenic effect.
Therefore, it advisable to opt for healthy and natural ways to increase our energy level. To begin, it is important to enhance a healthy diet without processed foods to stock up on vitamins and minerals. Here are some tips to follow:
  1. Getting enough sleep
  2. Exercise regularly
  3. Avoid stress
  4. Drinking enough water
Consume carbohydrates that will give you energy in the form of glucose. therefore prefer brown rice, bananas (rich in glucose, sucrose, fructose), almonds (high in protein, copper, manganese ...) or eggs (high in protein).

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