Terrifying Warning For All Mums Of Boys This Summer

On hot summer days, nothing like taking the kids to swim and enjoy the warm sand. Here are some instructions and warnings for all the mothers who take their children to the
Are swimsuits dangerous to the boys health ?
During the summer holidays, Laura Collins and her family had decided to enjoy the beaches and the Spanish sun. After a day at the beach, Laura brings her son Jack to the shower and tried to remove his short, when he surged with a loud cry of pain.
What happened ? Inside boys swimwear contains a lining used as underwear, though it is not without danger. For Jack, the mesh lining (the netting) were wounded arround his genital, and the boy kept crying and screaming.
Direction to the urgency doctor, but they have not managed to remove the lining. They had taken him to a hospital where doctors performed a mild anesthetic to remove the mesh linin (netting) and releave the pain ...
Fortunately, the netting did not damage his genital or the urinary tract, he is doing well and his mother wanted to share this story to prevent all moms from this type of shorts...
So what to do to avoid this kind of problem?
Jack is not the only one, many boys have already had this kind of accident. To avoid this, it is advisable to wear pants to prevent intimate parts from being in contact with the lining (netting).
Some guidelines to help protect your children at the beach ...
Some parents do not pay attention to details that can affect the health of their children, yet it is important to take some security measures to peacefully enjoy the beach and holidays.
To begin, it is important to protect children from the sun that produces ultraviolet rays which penetrate the skin deeply, and enhances aging, causing sunburns, or futures skin cancers. We must also never expose a child under 3 years to the sun. Protect your baby with light clothing, a hat and sunscreen.
However, moderate exposure of children to the sun is beneficial to their body. This stimulates the binding of calcium and promotes the synthesis of vitamin D.
Therefore, it is advisable to choose a good sunscreen with factor 50 and apply it every two hours to your child body.
Other tips to follow:
- always give water to your child to prevent dehydration
- Do not store sunscreens one year to another, observe the product's expiration date
- Clothe her child a T-shirt and a hat when playing at the beach
- Avoid sun exposure between 12 am and 16 am

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