The Most Valuable Personality Trait According To Science

Succeed in life and get everything we desire is the dream of every person. Each of us has qualities and specific skills that can help to get closer to the goal. But do you know the specific character trait that will lead you to success?
The Most Valuable Personality Trait According To ScienceThe success on the professional or personal level is what we all aspire. Some people, though very ambitious and determined, fail to achieve their dreams, while others arrive there easily. It is true that the way to see or do things plays a huge factor to succeed in life, but research has shown that traits also have their say. Indeed, Conscientiousness and awareness is the key to success and achievement.
But what is meant by Conscientiousness?
Conscientiousness is one of five personality traits of the Big Five model (the 5 major personality traits: openness to experience, conscientiousness or consciousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism), which represents a benchmark for study and describe the personality. It was therefore not intended to categorize people, but rather to assess the 5 different ways. The NEO PI-R -International Personality Item Pool- is the test that measures the 5 personality traits and presents a comprehensive assessment of it. It is recognized worldwide for its efficiency and is widely supported in the world of psychology.
Thus, a conscientious person is a vigilant person, efficient, organized. They are  also described as a neat person with rigor, self-discipline and sense of duty.
If you have these traits , then you have far more likely to succeed faster in your life than people who are not conscientious.
The book How Children Succeed: Grit, Curiosity and the Hidden Power of Character by Paul Tough, clearly explains why Conscientiousness is one of the most important traits of a personality and what are the benefits, based on studies and research.
For example, it has been shown that Conscientiousness and neuroticism (lasting expression of negative feelings such as anger, anxiety ...) have a very large impact on the ability to find a job. While the first trait is influenced positively, the second has a rather negative effect. Which is quite logical. By being conscientious, it's much more likely to find a job, because you better planning for goals.
Moreover, conscientious and emotionally stable people are also those who have higher incomes and are more satisfied with their work.
Another study, conducted on married couples for years, Conscientiousness is the trait most broadly associated with marital satisfaction.
Conscientiousness may also have an effect on health. According to the book, always, neuroticism and low agreeableness in adults for over age 45, are associated with metabolic syndrome (a syndrome that indicates the presence of physiological signs that can increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and type 2 of diabetes), while a large Conscientiousness has a protective effect. Indeed, the people who got good grades in Conscientiousness are nearly 40% less likely to develop metabolic syndrome, unlike people with low scores in agreeableness, which are 50% more likely to have them.
This research aimed to determine whether the personality traits were related to metabolic syndrome. Participants completed the NEO PI-R questionnaire and were subjected to other tests: waist measurement, blood pressure, triglycerides ...
Conscientiousness is the trait that leads to success in different domains. Obviously we do not all possess this trait, but we can make efforts to gradually adopt this characteristics so as to succeed in life. Be more organized, more vigilant, more effective or implicated, we will definitely lead to the realization of our objectives.

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