Secrets Of People With Brown Eyes

Our genetic heritage is divided into two equal parts, each constituting the characteristics we have inherited from our mother and our father. It thus determines our size, morphology, color of our skin, our hair, our eyes, etc. Regarding the latter, their color is not only a choice of nature but also a reflection of our personality. Find out what brown eyes reveal about your personality.
"The eyes are the mirror of the soul." This expression could not be truer. Not only are our eyes reflect our emotions, despite the efforts we make to hide, but they are also directly related to our personalities and our traits.
A Swedish study by a team of scientists from the University of Orebro, the color of our iris is determined by the same genes forming the frontal lobes of our brain. These are the parties responsible for reasoning, memory, language, movement, judgment and personality. In addition, Dr. Anthony Fallone University of Edinburgh also claimed that his eyes were very neurologically associated with the brain, and they held vital clues to its operation.
In this article, we will focus with brown eyes, to help you discover what they reveal about your personality.
Secrets of brown eyes:
The brown color comes from a higher melanin levels compared to that in light eyes, blue or gray. This is the most common color, but not the least attractive. People who have brown eyes are perceived by those around them as mysterious but also pleasant, kind, empathetic and trustworthy. This is also why they are usually surrounded by a large number of friends, who do not hesitate to share with them their concerns and joys.
They have a great softness and show a lot of respect and loyalty to their loved ones, without being subject either. They are very determined and take their time to think properly before taking any decision. They also have a strong character and a keen spirit of competitiveness, which can sometimes turn into selfishness.
People who have brown eyes are charismatic and impose respect for their surroundings. But sometimes this feature them posing as haughty and pretentious people.
As for physical activity, a study whose results were published in the Journal of Perceptual and Motor Skills, people with brown eyes have a special gift for certain sports such as tennis. This is because the dark color of the eyes reflects better coordination between the eye and the movement of the arm and hand.
One last point, people who have brown eyes reveal a higher sensitivity to physical pain, compared to those with light eyes. A study by Cancer Center of 58 women about to give birth showed that those with brown eyes were harder to endure pain during labor and were more likely to suffer from postpartum depression or baby blues, unlike women whose eyes were of a blue or green color.

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