Diseases Caused By the Microwave

Many people use the microwave to warm their meals. However, this type of device can cause serious health problems. Discover 5 diseases that can be caused by microwave.
The microwave: History
The history of the oven goes back to the Second World War, while the laborers working in small factories were warming their hands with a device that produce magnetic energy. This machine was an inspiration for the American engineer Percy Spencer who invented the microwave.
The microwave, what effects on food?
When heating your food in this unit, it emits waves that destroy the nutritional compounds in your foods that can become toxic. And scientific research date back to the 70's when researchers discovered that the oven could reduce good cholesterol levels in the blood and cause certain nutritional deficiencies. In addition, Russia had banned in 1976 the use of this device, it was not until the 90s that the ban be lifted.
What is happening when warming food in the microwave?
This device transmits electromagnetic energy so as to heat food. These contain water molecules that move and begin to generate heat, an action that has consequences for the organization. Indeed, it can cause:
Destruction of nutritional elements of foods
Decrease the rate of hemoglobin whose role is to carry oxygen to muscles
A modification of the cholesterol
Moreover, excessive use can cause serious health problems, including:
It causes the growth of cancerous tumors
Scientist Paul Wypychowski specialist of electromagnetic radiation indicated that the microwave promote tumor formation, he said: "the rays produced by this device have the same power of a radar aircraft." How to explain this? The rays affect the human body through food but also when the person is near the unit, it can change the structure of DNA.

It neutralizes free radicals, vitamins and minerals
The microwave affects the nutritional elements of food. The waves generated by this equipment cause vibration of the molecules that lead to destruction of minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Therefore, it causes an accumulation of toxins that attack healthy body cells, accelerate the skin aging process and promote disease.
It causes insomnia
In the long run, the microwave can also damage the brain and disrupt its operation by reducing electrical impulses of that organ. Some experts have also noticed the following effects: loss of memory, poor concentration and insomnia.
And the list is so long, here are other disorders that may be caused by the unit:
  • chronic fatigue
  • Headache
  • Disruption of the hormonal system
  • Disturbance of the nervous system
  • Digestive disorders

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