Time it Takes For Men

After a successful intercourse, perhaps you may want a second round. But unlike women, men should consider their refractory period, before thinking of having another intercourse. It is a time for a man to regain an erection after a first orgasm.
What is the average length of this break?
The Resolution period is one of the four phases of male . Let's take a look a closer look!

The 4 Cycles of male sexuality:

1- The excitement Cycle 
This is the first stage of intercourse. In response to several stimuli (visual, olfactory, tactile or fantasies), the body responds by increasing the heart rate and blood pressure, speeding up respiration and directing blood flow to the genital organs, which causes the increase of its volume and results in an erection.
2- The plateau Cycle 
This is the longest period of cycle and is characterized by an almost constant level of excitement. The corpora cavernosa are rigid maximum.
3- The orgasm Cycle 
Reaching the peak of desire, the man comes the phase of the arousal, (orgasm) that ends with ejaculation. This is done by a semen expulsion of 4 or 6 disparate spurts.The
4- Resolution or Refractory Cycle 
This is the phase of post-orgasmic rest. The heart and respiratory rate of the body is restored and the penis returns to flaccid state. It is generally accompanied by a relaxation of body and mind. Its duration varies from one man to another and many factors can influence it.
Duration of the Resolution Cycle 
Despite what you see in the movies, the ability to have three or four intercourses in a few hours on Saturday night is probably not realistic for most men, said Dr. Richard K. Lee, a urologist at the Weill medical school at Cornell. "The man will need at least an hour or two for a new erection after ejaculating," he says.
In fact, there is no real time data showing how long the refractory period may last. However, the estimated interval of 30 minutes to 24 hours is the most normal and it is likely to increase with age, according to a recent article published.
Causes of the Refractory period prolongation.
Scientists are unsure what is responsible for this latency period. But a study suggests that post-orgasmic peaks of the hormone prolactin - which hinders the excitement and ejaculation - could be the culprits.
Some factors related to lifestyle can also influence the duration of that period. Unsurprisingly, alcohol consumption or regular masturbation can lengthen the time it takes for a man to "recharge" says Dr. Lee.
Other factors such as stress, certain medical treatment or health problems can cause erectile dysfunction. In this case, a medical consultation is needed to determine exactly the causes of these disorders and thus prescribe the right treatment.

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