TomTom GPS App for iPhone

From a rough Google translation, as well as elements of Babelfish and other translation websites, a report from was deciphered, and the information was certainly quite interesting. It seems that Apple has released 4 versions of it’s Tom-Tom GPS program inside New Zealand’s App Store.
Importantly, here are the prices for the GPS application, and the prices are anything but cheap.
- U.S. & Canada NZ $124.99 (US $84.41)
- Western Europe: NZ $179.99 (US $121.55)
- Australia: NZ $104.99 (US $70.90)
- New Zealand: NZ $119.99 (US $81.03)
Also, these prices are only for the application, it doesn’t include the kit that is supposed to come with the application, such as a car mount, enhanced GPS receiver, built-in speaker, and power cables. With the kit also slated to have an audio output jack, and a microphone (For use as a Bluetooth speakerphone), the price for these kits have yet to be listed.
Update: The four versions of TomTom’s GPS software seems to have been released worldwide, with Europe, the United States, Australia and New Zealand all having the 4 applications in their App Store. However, in Europe, there is a 5th version available, with localized versions suitable for their area.
- Benelux: offered in Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg and covers those three countries
- D-A-CH: offered in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and covers those three countries
- France: offered only in France and covers France, Monaco, and Corsica
- Iberia: offered in Spain and Portugal and covers Spain, Portugal, Andorra, Gibraltar, and the major islands of the Balearic and Canary Island groups.
- Italy: offered only in Italy and covers Italy (including Sicily and Sardinia), San Marino, and Vatican City
- Nordic: offered in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden and covers those four countries
- U.K. & Ireland – offered only in the U.K. and Ireland

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