Our bodies are not all the same. Each of us has specific characteristics that differentiate it from others: size, face shape, skin color, eyes, hair, etc. If you have the Sacroiliac dimples in the lower back you should know that you are a very special person!
The dimples down back, a weapon of seduction
Sacroiliac dimples are two small holes which are located in the lower back. When present in a man, it is named the Apollo salt, referring to the god of beauty, and if it is a woman it is the salt of Venus - the goddess of love. They are formed by the bones that connect to the pelvis.
The presence of two dimples is usually a sign of a healthy body and healthy blood flow. As for their name which refers to the beauty of god and goddess of love, it does not come from nothing.
How to explain this? These people have better blood circulation in the pelvis, allowing them to reach sensual pleasure more easily.
How have the salt of Apollo or Venus?
If you are wondering how you can have, the answer is quite daunting: genetics. The presence of two small holes in lower back is due to a genetic predisposition or to an appropriate size ligaments. But do not lose hope! Since much of these athletes have dimples, weight loss and exercises that target the lower back would play a big role in their appearance or at least in their development.
So to increase your chances of having them, start by reviewing your diet. Reduce your daily calorie intake and favor healthy foods rich in fiber and fatty acids. They allow you to provide your body with the nutrients it needs, while controlling your appetite and you providing a sense of lasting satiety. Drinking enough water (at least 1.5 liters per day), because it helps hydrate your body and effectively remove toxins that attack your cells and enhance the production and storage of fat.
For best results, always combine a good diet with the practice of regular exercise. So remember to do regular exercise to burn more fat and to better strengthen and tone every muscle in your body.
You can also try exercises that target the lower back to enhance the appearance of your salt Venus or Apollo. To help, here is an exercise to do at home:
Exercises to tone the lower back
On a floor mat, lie on your stomach, holding the legs and placing your hands on one another at your face. Place your forehead on your hands, then raise your upper body and your arms while keeping your hands glued to the forehead and holding the motionless legs. Gently lower to regain your original position. Make a series of 15 exercises.
Once your set is complete, go back to your position with the forehead resting on hands and raise your legs and back down them gently toward the floor, keeping your upper body still. Make a series of 15 exercises.
After the second round, combine the two exercises. Get up at the same time the upper part of your body and your legs before falling to the ground. Also made a series of 15 exercises

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