What Does Your Favorite Number Say About Your Personality?

Numerology is the result of ancient practices and beliefs based on assigning numbers to properties, it is a pseudo-science that knows a craze in recent years worldwide.
We all have a taste of our own and that governs our preferences for color, music, food, but also numbers. Some people have also a favorite number, which they consider their lucky charm. And if this preference was related to your personality and character as suggested by numerology? Find out by reading what each number reveals about the personality of those who prefer it!
If your favorite number consists of several digits, such as 137, read the meaning of the 1, 3 and 7.
Here's what your favorite number reveals about your personality
This number usually symbolizes loneliness. But this does not prevent attract people known for their cute and charming personality. However, lovers of number -1- also know to show selfishness and ambition. They are more likely to become great leaders.
People who prefer the number 2 tend to be perfectionists and want everything to be in place. They are also very emotional and sensitive, with intuitive nature, they are easily disturbed by negativity around them.
The fans of this number suffer from a superiority complex that makes them think that nobody can get to their level, and their selfish side is not there for nothing. But this does not prevent them from being outgoing and fun, with an artistic touch.
People whose favorite number is 4 are characterized by their sincerity and reliability that make them make everyone around them confidence. They are also known for their tendency to give the best of themselves in all situations, which is even reflected in their physical appearance that is always on top. Their main drawback is their grumpy and stubborn side.
Lovers of number 5 are usually full of energy and enthusiasm, and also very impressionable. They have a fiery character, and are constantly in search of action and dynamism. Indeed, boredom takes place easily if these two elements are missing a little bit in their lives. The line of the most difficult character to deal with them is their ability to attract and cause the dramatic situations. The "drama queen" are likely to have number 5 as their favorite.
Lovers of number 6 are fun and malicious people who always have one or two tricks under the sleeve. This light and cheerful character does not stop to seriously invest in their relationship where they reveal their gentle and caring side, even a little sticky.
People whose favorite number is 7 are most likely to easily pass their student and professional life. They are quiet, laid, wise and cultivated. Their main drawback is their susceptibility to impatience and tendency to cast a critical eye on everything around them.
Lovers of 8 are of a stable and mature nature with a life path drawn with care and clarity. They also have a very high regard for themselves and show an excessive enthusiasm for all that relates to their work and the different projects they maintain.
People who prefer the number -9- have a friendly personality and full of energy, which gives them a charm and a charisma that attract crowds. However, they sometimes show a  swings-mood and self-pity.
Those who prefer number -0- usually have a great sense of humor and sow joy and smiles wherever they go. They are very well known and are appreciated for their ability to lighten the mood and creating a fun atmosphere. The clownish personalities have this number as their favorite!

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