What People Feel A Minute Before Death

Have you ever heard of a person who has had a near death? All those who have experienced a temporary cardiac arrest or clinical death and have managed to get by telling the same thing: a tunnel, a pleasant voice, all life that scrolls. Lighting.
The reports on the experiences of imminent death are becoming more frequent. In these experiments, doctors and experts say that the person who experienced to "die" at some point. Thus what is experienced at that moment, and comparing it to other similar experiences.
Generally, during a near death experience, about 8% of people speak of a bright light. Science describes this light as a torrent of phosphenes produced by the pineal gland, whereas tremors and agitation can cause delusions because of drugs or metabolic changes.
At times the experience of imminent death, unusual conscience can arise, memories of the past can be highly detailed, as if they happened in time.  People who are invisible by others are clearly seen and described.
On the other hand, it is more complicated to explain the fact of "leaving the body" into another dimension, visualize a body above and other supernatural events. A study conducted over a period of 12 months at Southampton General Hospital by researcher Sam Parnia on patients resuscitated after cardiac arrest revealed the feelings of 63 people before they "are dead." The results reveal that a minority was aware of death, but most of these people felt happy and describing sensations of lightness like jumping off a mountain or into another space.
Furthermore, patients who are able to remember the most of their experience, had the higher levels of oxygen in the brain. The researchers report that a rush of visions during near-death experiences may be due to a lack of oxygen to the brain. Indeed, better oxygenation leads to a better ability to memorize these experiences.
Death, the absolute truth
For many people, death remains a strange and frightening phenomenon that will happen in the future. We become aware of it at an early age, but soon we eventually forget it ...
Horror movies and traditional tales awaken terrified in many people, but have a purpose. These scary tales are a way for humans to deal with the instinctive terror of death.
We often ask questions about death as: should I say goodbye? Will I apologize to those I hurt? This kind of issue concern to many people and are culturally induced. For their part, scientists and observers agree that death is a natural process, such as birth, it occurs through steps to arrive at an inevitable end.
Among the weak and elderly, the dying process can last weeks before death. They feel less need to eat and drink because of metabolic changes, and slowing the peristaltic function (muscle contractions). Drowsiness, drop in body temperature and the lack of interest in former activities are indication to the death process. Moreover, these people may also have an irregular body temperature manifested by a decrease in temperature, and a few hours later, a very high fever. Death can occur by extreme weakness, especially in the elderly, they need more help in order to accomplish the simplest tasks of everyday life and make their needs.
On the other hand, slow circulatory functions can be manifested by patches of skin on the arms and legs, kidney failure can also occur and result in urine dark brown. The vision deteriorates, sometimes, the dying person has visual hallucinations announcing the approach of death.
Finally, the person falls into a deep sleep, heavy breathing can be heard making a sign of the long journey.

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