Talk To Themselves

People who talk to themselves are taken for fools or considered weird people. Talk to oneself seems to others a first sign of madness, yet science has proved otherwise. This is a sign of efficiency and performance!
A recent study that was published in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology found that people who talk to themselves are much more efficient than those who remain silent. Psychologists Daniel Swigley and Gary Lupya have shown that the fact of speaking was very beneficial to the thought process.
But when we take time to think about it, we do find that the most intelligent people have done it! The great scientists are talking to themselves, moreover they say that Albert Einstein spoke often and repeating the same phrases softly. Indeed, talking to oneself can have multiple benefits for everyone, including:
Think faster
In their study, the researchers gave the name of an object, for a group of 20 people, they have to find in the supermarket. People who spoke to them, have found the object more quickly than those who remained silent.
The fact of talking aloud helps one to better utilize its memory and also to better visualize the results of his actions. This is clearly perceive what we want and how to get it.
Focus better
Scientists have proven that when you speak out loud, the brain quickly and clearly thought about what you want. This allows it to better focus and properly secure the required or desired idea.
In the study, the people who spoke at the supermarket have remembred much more what they were seeking, while others forgot ...
Better organizing ideas
When it comes to large or complex situation, naming the crowd of thought sparkling in the head makes it easy to structure and classify them in order of priority. The final decision is a much clearer shot.
Even before an interview or a graduate thesis ..., talking to oneself allows the person to have a first judgment on his speech to organize his ideas, and to detect and correct deficiencies.
More easily achieve goals
Talking to oneself aloud allows to better identify and classify the goals. We give up our ambitions when we believe they are unattainable. We must try to say loudly the goals to ourselves . This makes it easier to focus on the doable actions, and start achieving them step by step.
Finally, if you're one of those people, it means that you are more powerful, more efficient and organized. But be careful, if you're talking aimlessly, this should not be a sign of intelligence!

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