Seeds Of This Fruit Can Do Against Cancer

Cancer is one of the most terrible and deadly diseases of our time. But did you know that it is possible to prevent it naturally?
Although millions of dollars have been spent to fund scientific research, cancer treatment has unfortunately not improved. On the other hand, it was statistically demonstrated that cancer is one of the most profitable conditions for the pharmaceutical industry, also known as the Big Pharma.
Today, we witnessed many inspiring stories of individuals who have managed to prevent and cure cancer naturally. For this reason, researchers at the University of Kentucky conducted a study on grape seed and their effect on cancer and the results have been impressive. In fact, it has been demonstrated that the grape seed destroy up to 80% of cancer cells. This study was also published by American Association for Cancer Research.
The grape seeds to prevent cancer
Grape seeds contain resveratrol, a compound of the family of phytoalexins. Resveratrol has anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, which makes it able to fight free radicals (substances known to cause DNA disorders associated with cancer) and stop cell death the body.
In recent years, many scientists have focused on the study of resveratrol to understand its action against cancer. This compound of grape seeds has the ability to intervene in different phases of the cancer development. Resveratrol prevents cancer and may even prevent its development by modulating genes through the blocking of androgens and estrogens, hormones may be involved in the development of cancer. On the other hand, a study has shown that the human body converts resveratrol into a powerful anti-cancer that can target and kill cancer cells without affecting healthy cells of the body.
Inflammation is one of the main causes of cancer, to avoid and prevent cancer, the consumption of grape seed is recommanded because they have a strong anti-inflammatory property. Remember that inflammation may increase the risk of many diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and cardiovascular disease.
Finally, resveratrol also stimulates a longevity gene and prevents cardiovascular disease, inflammation, among others.
How to prevent cancer?
To prevent cancer, we must first have a healthy lifestyle, it means regular physical activity, eating a healthy, balanced diet consisting mainly of fruits and vegetables, consume a sufficient amount of water and avoid the consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
To fully enjoy the health benefits of grape seed, simply increase the consumption of this fruit without removing the seeds. Also remember to add it to your juice and use it to prepare tarts or pastries.

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