The pizza is one of the most popular and favorite foods worldwide. Yet more and more people are aware that it is not healthy for the body because it is crammed with calories, sodium and saturated fat. If you do not know. A slice of pizza contains more than 300 calories, and we know it is impossible to be content with one slice ...
Eat a slice of pizza is a real shock to your body. Here is precisely what happens:
After 10 minutes:
When you start to eat pizza, the first bite activates the pleasure centers of your brain. But as you near to the crust, you enjoy the least. When you eat pizza, your digestive system releases enzymes that break down carbohydrates into sugars, which are later used as fuel by the body.
After 10-15 minutes:
These sugars begin to circulate in your body, but the movement is slowed by fat cheese. You will feel bloating in the stomach because of the food it dissolve. This will result in gas, especially if you eat a lot of pizza too fast.
After 15-20 minutes:
There is a hormone in our body, leptin, which tells us when we have to stop eating. Its level increases along with glucose in our cells. When you stop eating, your cells stop absorbing sugar, which is then sent to your liver. After some time, the sugars are converted and stored as fat.
After 30 minutes:
If you are still hungry, you will feel a surge of energy that will result in the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. Your body begins to break down fat, but the pizza is saturated, they can clog your arteries. People who are genetically predisposed or regularly eat fast food can have this kind of problem.
After 45-60 minutes:
You are no longer hungry because your blood pressure and leptin levels increased. You feel tired because the digestion effort pumped you energy.
After 3-4 hours:
Your body begins to produce ghrelin and sugar levels returned to normal. It is recommended to eat a low-calorie meal for the next triglycerides as the dissolved fat is still at a high level.
Eating pizza from time to time will not affect your appearance or your health. But eating fast food regularly, will not only results in gain weight, these foods can also cause many health problems ... Today there are many tasty alternatives to unhealthy calorie such as pizzas and burgers.

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