Female Orgasm

How long does it take to reach the seventh heaven? What positions are most likely to make you reach orgasm? Is it possible to achieve the enjoyment every time? Here are answers to all your questions about the female orgasm.
There is more than one way to reach a happy ending
The clitoral orgasm is the best known, but it is certainly not your only option. You can also have a vaginal orgasm, a mixed orgasm or multiple orgasms.
Orgasm through stimulation of the breasts 
The stimulation of your breasts can give you fantastic orgasms without any further stimulation.
Preliminary are not just optional to achieve orgasm
More you caress and you kiss your partner, the more your blood flow is growing, making you hypersensitive. On average, a woman needs 10 to 20 minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm.
Oral sex is' one of the best ways to reach orgasm
Most women have difficulty reaching orgasm through vaginal sex only because their clitoris is not stimulated, says Professor Leanna Wolfe, sex therapist in San Francisco. But cunnilingus solves this problem.
...Even masturbation
This is the easiest way for women to reach the enjoyment (after all, who knows better than you what gives pleasure?)
The average orgasm lasts 20 seconds
For 20 seconds, you have contractions every 0.08 seconds approx. You can make them stronger by practicing at the same time, the Kegel exercise. This exercise created by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940, will restore the tone and strength of the pubococcygeus muscle and increase vaginal pleasure. Just make relaxations followed by contractions of the pelvic floor muscles to multiply sensations.
Exercise can take you there
The Kegel exercise is not the only one to bring you to orgasm. Some movements to strengthen your abs can also achieve it. To know where you are walking on, test them rather at home and not in a gym place  .
You can have an orgasm during childbirth
Giving birth is synonymous with pain and suffering. Yet some preferred retain memories of fun and enjoyment of their birth.
Although rare, reach the seventh heaven by giving birth to her baby is possible. A study by the French sexologist Thierry Postel, published in the journal Sexologies confirmed that in France, for about 206,000 births, 668 women had an orgasm.
Or reach a happy denouement by thinking
Other new strange: it is possible to trigger a cerebral orgasm. "It's a combination of breathing exercises, fantasies and focus on yourself," said Dr. Gina Ogden, sex therapist in Cambridge.
Make noise makes your best orgasm
It turns out that the volume of your sound during sex could be the key to a fantastic orgasm. In tantric sex, producing acute noise brings sexual energy in your chest, your throat, your head, before heading down to your genitals. So turn up to have an orgasm to the entire body.
Most women have already been simulated
Studies show that 60% of women have done a performance worthy of an Oscar in bed simulating. It is interesting that 59% of men say they can recognize a simulatrice.
Couples women have more orgasms
According to studies, women in stable relationships tend to have orgasms more often than those who change partners,
Anxiety can stop you cross the finish line
Women with very high stress levels can not reach a comparable excitement like those with normal stress level . This is proven by scientific studies.
Unfortunately, some women can not have orgasms
An estimation of 10 to 15% is the rate of women who can not reach orgasm. Do not lose hope, however. Obstacles can often be overcome.
Some positions are more favorable to orgasm than others
The position of the greyhound is one of the best to trigger woman to orgasm. Indeed, it stimulates the G-spot, a highly sensitive area inside the vagina, and the clitoris.
Orgasms make you talkative
Wondering why you can not stop talking after a game of legs in the air? The fault lies with oxytocin, a chemical that your brain releases after an orgasm.
The orgasms get better with age
Besides wisdom, knowledge of the body and her desires allows women of a certain age to be more sexually satisfied than younger women.
Simultaneous orgasms do happen just in the movies
Nothing is better than an orgasm at the same time with his partner. To comes out with this the rhythm should be coordinated with that of your partner besides, successfully master ejaculation.

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