What Your Astrological Zodiac Says About You

Astrology is combination of beliefs and traditions that suggest that the position of planets in the solar system and constellations visible in the sky, that provide information to predict or analyze the individual or the collective human events.
Astrological signs often surprise us by revealing a lot about our emotions and personality. And if the stars could also reveal the secret of happiness? So find out what your astrological zodiac sign reveals about what makes you happy, and do not forget to see your loved ones and friends!
January 20-February 18
You are a very honest person, and you fight for what you want when you feel it is worth it. Aquarius will be happy to achieve its objectives and it may use any means that will allow it to get there. You often keep in mind that you have to motivate yourself by yourself, since you are aware that you become sometimes lazy.
19 February to March 20
Pisces are often calm, honest and trustworthy. Despite your sweetness, you are very determined and you overcome all obstacles. Your happiness is often manifested  through friendships, especially when you have the opportunity to defend and promote them in certain situations.
March 21-April 19
Aries have an ambitious go-getter and they are ready to settle quickly to achieve their objectives. they do not plan in advance, they rely on their instincts and let their spontaneity guide them. For them, happiness is linked with stable people around them. Family and friends come first in their priority.
20 April to May 20
The Taurus have a strong personality and are very stubborn! They do not give up in case of disagreement, and often resist irrationally. Happiness for Taurus is often linked to a professional challenge. They are also happy to help others, while being patient and generous.
21 May-June 20
With your mood swings, you are often unpredictable. Faced with a situation in your personal or professional life, you are able to react quickly. You constantly know how to create your happiness and make it contagious to others. You are very intelligent and quick-witted, others are considering you someone very professional.
June 21-July 22
Cancer is a traditional person, very attached to home and family. Sometimes they need to be alone to think deeply about what's wrong, and they know how to hide from others what they feel. They find their happiness by feeling safe, something that may end up with a friend or partner for whom they have total confidence.
July 23-August 22
leader by nature, Leo is strong and courageous. Between their power and impressive trust for people around them, the Lion is a very warm, sensitive and of great kindness. It may seem hard, but they will be happy to know that people close to them understand that their reactions which are primarily for the good of others.
August 23-September 22
Sign of purity and perfection, you have another more analytical and sociable side. You adapt easily and you have a sense of teamwork. Like taking care of others and you are happy to feel useful.
September 23 to October 22
Obviously, happiness Libra rhymes with balance. Libra is even happier if the others are too! Often shy when there's a lot of people, the challenge is to dare making its voice heard in order to balance the debate.
October 23-November 21
Often misunderstood, Scorpio is as passionate as complex. This is why happiness for the Scorpion is not so easy! They must control their intense emotions, which are often contradictory, and to live their passion positively to be happy.
November 22-December 21
Despite their determination, Sagittarius have difficulty putting their energy on the right track. They are impatient when things do not seem to go as they would have imagined. For them happiness, is when leaving them to be free and express themselves as they wish so that they could channel their curiosity and their adventurous spirit.
December 22-January 19
Very clever, you come easily to use your broad knowledge in different ways. You always aim for the top, you are very organized and you put the power of your character to achieve your goals and to serve your ambition. For your happiness, it is necessary that you know that there is not only work in life and you must learn to relax.

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