According to the Japanese tradition, your blood type can say a lot about your health and your personality ... And numerous scientific studies confirm this! Find out what your blood type reveals about you.
There are 4 different blood types A, B, AB and O. These types of blood are essentially differ ent in their antigens (cells of the immune system). In 1930, Japanese professor Tokeji Furukawa was the first to investigate the link between blood type and the personality. Since blood types have an important factor in Japanese culture. Some have even created the horoscope blood, others have published books that analyze deeply the link between blood type and personality.
Moreover, several scientific studies show that blood types can be associated with certain health problems. Thus, since 1950, many scientists are looking at the relationship between blood types and disease.
Your blood type can thus determine both your health and your personality, and here are the results:
Blood Type A
The people of blood type A have high levels of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone and is associated with certain diseases such as premature aging and stomach ulcers, among others. This blood type has a 20% risk of developing stomach cancer, contrary to blood type O and B. In addition, it has a 5% risk of developing heart disease.
People with this blood type have a high risk of several cancers, including some forms of pancreatic cancer, and leukemia. They are also more susceptible to infections.
Regarding the personality, people with blood type A are sincere, sensitive, reserved, patient, responsible and imaginative.
Blood Type B
People of blood B type have a 11% risk of having cardiovascular disease, unlike people of blood O type . According to a Harvard study, women with blood AB or B type are more likely to develop cancer ovaries. On the other hand, the people of this blood type has about 50,000 times the number of strains of bacteria that blood type A or O. carriers
These people are passionate, active, creative and strong. However, they are also selfish, reckless, ruthless and unpredictable.
Blood Type AB
People of blood AB type were 23% more likely to develop heart disease compared to those of blood O type. In addition, this type of blood increases the risk of developing a serious blood pressure problems for pregnant women, known under the name of preeclampsia.
According to a scientific study published in the journal Neurology, people with blood AB type are 82% more susceptible to cognitive disorders, including memory impairment, language and attention.
As for their personalities, people with blood AB type are friendly, responsive and adapt quickly, but they are also hesitant, unconscious and negligent.
Blood Type O
The people of O blood type are more prone to ulcers and ruptures of the Achilles tendon. They are also vulnerable to cholera, but people with this blood type are at lower risk of cancer.
Individuals of blood O type are confident, determined, intuitive and have a strong will. On the other hand, they are egocentric, cold, erratic and potentially addicted to work!

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