Look at this picture. What do you see first? An old man or a young woman? The answer reveals your Personality!

The view has a complex sense. For simplicity, the light passes through the retinal cell to transmit information to the brain which, in turn, shows us pictures. According to specialists, the visual cortex is composed of several complex layers, each one is working in a hierarchical manner.

Neurologists say that during their research, they found that the information passed by the highest level of the cerebral cortex before reaching the lower layers. The cortex then changes the raw visual information before it reaches consciousness, which means that the brain "predicts" what is it.

In other words, what we see is (partly) to our knowledge and what our brains expect ...

An optical illusion to reveal the personality type

The interpretation that gives a person to an image can reveal his personality and character traits. This technique is ancient. In 1895, the French psychologist Alfred Binet created a method based on images as inkblots to examine different psychological traits.

Subsequently, many specialists have developed techniques inspired from the technique of Alfred Binet but using optical illusions.

This image shows an optical illusion, one can see an old man, or a young woman!


If you see an old man first

You are calm, honest and loyal. Your loved ones believe in you and believe that you are worthy of trust and respect. You are a leader by nature and have a very sharp analytical sense that helps you make good decisions. You like to take initiatives and have the ability to help others get back on track.

When you set a goal to accomplish completely, you make a detailed planning for each step. This strategy will help prevent slips and any impulsive decision that may prevent the realization of your projects. You are suspicious because of the perfectionist side of your personality!, which makes you often stressed. Thus, learn to relax and know that sometimes it is better to let things take their course ...

If you see a young woman first

You are optimistic and exude of positive energy. Curious, you are interested in the things around you and constantly aiming to test new experiences. You are also impulsive, always ready to embark on new adventures!

You like to share your joy and help others; besides, you are very generous in term of  money and time.

With fixed nature, you go ahead and stay strong in all circumstances. You do not keep things for you, and you tend to communicate with others to solve your problems. You like to work on yourself and improve it.

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