Sleep With Socks Are So Special

When it comes to sleeping, everyone has their own routine. Take a bath before bed, read a good book, sleep with the lights on ... Each of these habits helps to release Morpheus, but also reveals your personality. Even your preference regarding wearing socks the night says a lot about you ...
Sleeping is a natural need that allows us to rest physically, to strengthen our memory and improve our cognitive performance. A good night of good sleeping helps the brain to cleanse and eliminate toxins that accumulate during long hours of wakefulness. According to a study by the University of Rochester in New York, the brain gets rid of toxins during sleep, including toxic protein responsible for neuro-degenerative diseases.
A routine for sleeping better
To enjoy a good night of sleeping and avoid troubles that may cause insomnia and thus impact your health and your performance, it is advisable to set a sleep routine that will help your body to release tension in order to prepare your brain for sleeping. It is therefore recommended to have a light dinner, stop any stimulating activity for some time before bedtime, take a hot bath and go to bed at a set time.
In addition, it is advisable to stabilize our body heat at night, to avoid temperature changes (hot flashes or cold sensation) that may occur at night and wake up.
According to a recent study, wearing socks (not too tight), helps improve blood circulation and stabilize the temperature  of body throughout the night.
If you are already a fan of this technique or if, instead, you can endure it, this is what it reveals about your personality.
If you sleep with your socks:
You have cold feet, this is obvious. But you probably also have a thin skin and a slower metabolism, which slows blood circulation and promotes the feeling of cold, especially at the ends.
Regarding your personality, your quest for warmth and softness is the same. You need physical contact and never get enough hugs and caresses.
You are also looking to be reassured and protected and you feel free to share your personal space with people close to your heart. In term of relationship, you favor those who are sincere and profound which give you the satisfaction and the emotional stability.
If you sleep without socks:
People who sleep without socks are more prone to getting hot and sweating at night, with a good blood circulation and a natural high body temperature.
In term of the personality, sleeping barefoot reveals an independent and strong character. You hold a lot to your privacy and freedom and do not easily share your personal space. You are also someone's frank and open, and you tend to protect your family and the people who matter most for you. This protective aspect is your way to show your affection.

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