By summer there is an increasingly hot temperature, that we all tend to open wide our windows to bring some freshness to our homes. But it is not only the air that enters, but also many unwanted visitors. To prevent insects, spiders and mice from entering your home, try the repellent effect of the natural plant.
The presence of insects or mice is very unpleasant, especially since these can cause disgust among some, fear and even panic phobia among others. In addition to these effects, some of these little flying or crawling creatures can cause significant damage to wood furniture they gnaw, the foods they contaminate, to indoor plants they eat, pets and even to human.
To get rid of it, many of us have recourse to buying insecticides from the market , that in come forms: powder, spray, electric socket, etc. Now these products, even if  they may be effective, are very dangerous to the health of people exposed to it.
What are the risks of prolonged exposure to insecticides?
The active substances of these products accumulate in fatty tissue, blood, liver, and may even pass into breast milk. Thus, they can cause allergic reactions in the skin, eyes and mucous membranes, irritate the respiratory system and cause, in the long asthma attacks. In addition, prolonged exposure to these substances can cause the onset of some cancers in adults and in children. A study conducted by INSERM (National Institute of Health and Medical Research) shows that children whose mothers were exposed to household insecticides during pregnancy are at risk 2 times higher of developing acute childhood leukemia.
In addition, another study by the same Institute has observed that people exposed in the course of their work, the chemicals in pesticides showed a more rapid deterioration of memory, alertness and concentration.
It has also been proven that these chemicals were causing the weakening of the immune system, infertility, birth defects, and even neurological disorders.
To protect your health and to avoid risks that are much more dangerous than the bite of a mosquito, it is strongly recommended to turn to more natural methods that are suitable for domestic use.
Here's how to keep insects and other unwanted guests in your home:
One of the most effective natural tips to protect you against these rather repugnant visits is the use of an aromatic plant available in your kitchen such as mint.
Whether green, peppermint or pineapple, its strong and distinct odor repellent to mosquitoes, cockroaches, spiders, mice, etc. Simply prepare a concentrated solution of water and mint leaves, then spray it all over your house emphasizing the doorways and on the edges of windows. Mint protect you from surprise visits and refresh the air in your home.
It can also be used to apply ointment on the skin to prevent mosquito bites. To prepare, simply crush several mint leaves and put on different parts of your body. You can also use them as a poultice. Antitoxic properties of mint will relieve irritation and itching caused by insect bites.
Its essence is also known to inhibit mosquito breeding. A study by Indian scientists demonstrated the effectiveness of peppermint oil against mosquito larvae and diseases that these insects can spread to humans by pricking.
You can also use other plants such as basil, lavender or lemongrass, which also have a repellent effect on flies, mosquitoes, ants and spiders.

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