If you want to get some positive energy and prosperity in your home, all you need is this plant is! According to Feng Shui, anyone who has a Crassula (Jade Tree or) at home is on the road to the wealth: it is believed that this plant attracts money in the for the house owner. Explanations.
Before talking about the Crassula, here is an introductionto Feng Shui philosophy:
Feng shui - literally wind and water - is a Chinese art, used for millennia to harmonize environmental energy of a place and so as to improve the health, welfare and prosperity of its occupants. It gives many guidelines to successfully develop a welcoming space, warm and conducive to a physical and mental balance.
Based on two opposing forces, Yin (black) and Yang (white), Feng Shui tries to achieve a balance for both inside and outside (gardens) of our homes. The choice of colors, furniture, location, orientation and even decorative plants is a function of the nature of the location and the energy flowing therein.
For example, to preserve the positive energy of your bedroom, do not install an aquarium or plants, because these creatures boost energy and prevent you from sleeping deeply. Also, avoid placing a mirror opposite your bed because it could send you the negative waves released by your body while you sleep.

In the kitchen, it is best to install your work surface so as to face the door, and place away as much as possible the stove from the sink or the refrigerator (the fire should not rub the water) .
And to better manage the stress in your office, sit back against the wall and avoid placing yourself in front of another colleague. Also put green plants because they positively affect the energy flow and promote entrepreneurship.
Returning to our Crassula that attracts prosperity and wealth:
Originally from South Africa, Crassula is a plant with fleshy leaves, shiny, soft and beautiful jade green. Preferring mild climates, it is advisable to keep it inside the house in a well lit area.
Maintenance is very simple because it does not specifically demand attention. It just need to be installed in a sunny place, without being directly exposed to the burning rays of the sun. In addition, its water requirements are very low, because it stores them in its thick foliage, so a continual or an overwatering can easily kill this plant. Moreover, it does not need fertilizer and is satisfied with a rather poor soil.
Chinese philosophy recommends placing this plant to the right of the main entrance of your home, by pointing it to the North. To support its energy effect, you can put a few coins in the ground and install it in a painted blue metal pot - which just reminds currency. It is also vey important to preserve the Crassula and keep it healthier so as to feel the effects for every day.

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