Be Happy For Having small Boobs

As a younger, you've tried everything: padded bra or push-up, outlandish methods to make them grow as you may have read in magazines ... But it took you to face the facts; your breasts remained small. You are then told that he still miss a few cup sizes to your femininity. WRONG! Having small breasts is a bargain!

1 - You feel more pleasure.
According to researchers at the University of Vienna, small breasts are 24% more sensitive than large because they contain less fat tissue.

2 - They make you sexy.
Many sex symbols feature small breasts. Examples ? Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, Cameron Diaz, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow. And you, of course.

3 - Serious men prefer you.
A study by psychologists has shown that men attracted to women with large breasts were usually losers. You have left? Types well.

4 - Men with full belly prefer you.
In the same study, the researchers wanted to test the belief that breast size is "a fat reserve signal." They actually found that men were more attracted to small breasts.

5 - They are firmer and longer.
Wearing bra prevent muscle tissue to develop, according to health professionals. This is not your problem because you do not necessarily need to wear. Your breasts stand alone.

6 - You look younger.
As a teenager, you regret that your small breasts give you the air of a kid. Today is an advantage. For while your friends better off seeing their breasts sag because of gravity, your small breasts are firm and in place!

7 - You enjoy fully the summer.
A piece strapless or halter, bandeau or triangle: all types of swimwear you will. You can also practice all beach activities without problems: rackets, beach volleyball, jogging along the water ...

8 - You stand better.
You have a better posture, a back and a bust more rights than women with bigger breasts. Therefore, you are less prone to back pain. Know indeed a D cup can weigh between 6 and 10 kilos, which can cause tension in the neck and headaches.

9 - They avoid you health problems.
Are you've probably never thought of, but the doctors say it is much easier to self-inspect the breasts when they are small, so to prevent breast cancer.

10 - You wear blouses without problems.
The buttons on your blouse jumping or breasts who want to escape the blouse, it's not a problem that is familiar to you. You can wear almost any type of high smoothly.

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