11:11 - You see it too

The angels and spirits like to contact us through different means, such as passing a special song to us on the radio, responding to one of our prayers or even draw our attention to the clock when it indicates a time when all the figures are similar, such as 11:11.

What these figures should call you?

Mere coincidences? Looking more closely, you will understand the powerful spiritual message behind the numbers that repeat.
More and more people seem to notice the appearance of similar figures on a watch, a billboard, poster, etc., confirming that a collective awareness, sudden and significant is taking up .

This phenomenon occurs primarily to remind us that our world is subject to cosmic and synchronic changes, but also to attract our attention, our thoughts and feelings on the present moment.

The hidden agenda of our angels directing our attention on 11:11 ET educate us, make us more aware of our actions and we remember that we have within us the wisdom and confidence to fight our fears and frustrations.

What the experts say?

According to Doreen Virtue, a therapist specializing in angels and showy deemed, when your gaze falls on figures that are repeated, especially 11:11, this means you should try to keep positive thoughts to your desires take shape immediately. Focus all your attention on what you want rather than what you fear and your angels will continue to reward you.

The more you see the number 1 on a clock or another, over the connection between you and your spiritual guide or angel is strong. Millions of humans can certify see these numbers more often. This means that many people have started their journey to become enlightened beings or healing the planet.

Because the Earth is in extreme distress, many humans were called to restore order again, bringing peace and harmony and make our planet a paradise in which to live.

11:11 Following figures with multiple meanings

According to the Mayan calendar, a new chapter began for our civilization December 21, 2012 at 11:11 and literally marked a transition from the dark ages to the golden age.

Another interesting fact is the sum of 11:11 is 4, which is the symbol of transformation and a controlled ego.

Many spiritual healers and guides interpret 11:11 as the return of the Ascended Masters on Earth to help us identify and return our planet to its original state.

Your angels are at your side to remind you that you are on the right track, protect you, no matter the difficulties you face. By doing so, you will become master of yourself, instead of panic and chaos around you. Our protectors also want one happens to coexist peacefully with all beings that inhabit our planet.

We are all a single family. Do not look for answers to your questions at the bottom of yourself, otherwise you will not know that confusion and disappointment. Have faith in the power of the universe to help you heal, and every time you see 11:11, pay attention to your thoughts and make sure that you clear the waves correspond to the reality you want to be witness .

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